It’s been three years since the launch of the Xbox One and now it has got its biggest and arguably first real exclusive release. Quantum Break won’t be available on other consoles, it isn’t a sequel, nor is it multiplayer-only. It’s the latest game from Remedy Entertainment, the studio behind the Max Payne and Alan Wake franchises.

This is definitely a good time for the release as in a matter of weeks PlayStation 4 owners will have Ratchet and Clank and Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and Wii U owners get Star Fox Zero, so if the One doesn’t have a release, it will definitely be the odd one out.

Another good news for the console is that the latest release is definitely the best one that Remedy has done till date. It looks like the Xbox One finally has a dedicated AAA title that it is capable of running.

However, on the Xbox One, the overall resolution, and the framerate both suffer. This means the console has not got enough graphics horsepower to run the game, so, technically, the game would run magnificently on a PC. Though, it looks like gamers have a raw deal in this title.

Some of the game’s problems are issues we’ve never seen in a PC title before.


  • It can’t match a monitor’s stated refresh rate. “[Y]ou can’t achieve a level of performance that results in consistent, level frame-times. As far as we can tell, a judder-free experience is impossible at the moment without a patch from Remedy,” the notes made by Eurogamer say.
  • Frame rate caps don’t work: Locking the frame rate at 30 FPS doesn’t actually result in a smooth 30 FPS experience. In a standard Win32 application, this could be fixed through the frame rate controls available through the Nvidia Control Panel or AMD’s Radeon Software, but since this is a Windows Store title with a fullscreen borderless mode, those options don’t exist.