Rigs Mechanized Combat League PS VR title combines the fast action of motorsports and the competitive first-person shooting game mode. Image Source: Game Informer

Guerilla Games announced the October 13 is the release date of Rigs Mechanized Combat League, a VR title that merges the fast action of motorsports with first-person shooting combat. It is coming out for PlayStation VR.

Players enter a multiplayer game inside a mechanized armor and duke it out against other players in an old-school fps arena. With the PlayStation VR, gamers can feel as they are controlling one of the 20+ refined sports Rigs and maneuvering to take down the opponents.

Game developer created the Rigs as the “perfect blend” between motorsports and the close-quarters combat of MMA and other martial arts. Guerilla distinguishes their war machines as double-gunned high-end sporting vehicles on legs.

The PS VR exclusive where mechanized combat and sports

Players can unlock new RIGS and arenas as they win battles in the futuristic action sports shooter.

The game also packs a single experience, the Career Mode. It sets players on combat against the PC to earn fame and fortune and turn the success into better RIGS and better AI pilots for the team. The mode is a full season where players must compete in different leagues until he arrives at the final championship.

Players can also exhibit their expertise in Trials to impress sponsors, earn lucrative deals for the team and obtain new pilot gear.

Players cannot customize the Rigs, but they come in different classes

There are four types of Rigs, each with its set of abilities and advantages. Players must select a class before entering the arena. Classes come with different height, weight, speed, melee damage, armor and jump skill.

The Sentinel, which can operate as the vanguard while the team presses forward. It has heavy armor and upgraded melee, so it excels in close combat. It can charge to its enemies with Jump skill and slam the ground to damage and disorient opponents when it lands.

The Mirage is a Jack of all trades, but it also packs a double jump ability to maneuver faster through the arena.

The Tempest has a Vertical Take Off ability which lets it boost up into air and hover when it jumps. It has slower ground speed and little armor, but it can zoom and watch enemies from afar. Alongside its hovering skill, the Tempest is the perfect candidate to scout around the battlefield.

And the Hunter has a basic jump but sports a pocket rocket that launches at hyper-speed. It also has faster speed than the other three classes, and it is also smaller, so it could take advantage of smaller gaps in the arena to execute hit-and-run tactics.

There are also 24 unique Rigs in the game, each of them with an ability that could turn the tide of the fight. Pre-order is available at select retailers. The exclusive title has a price of $49.96 on Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop and Target digital stores.

Those who pre-order will get the Guerrilla Games Outfit. The gear contains a uniform, a helmet, and visors.

Source: PlayStation.Blog