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Often, people would be heard or seen stressing over how to write an essay. Many will consider or look for tips on how to write the introduction, develop the body paragraphs, and how to conclude. A few, however, will start behind by considering how they research and where they can get the information to include in their essays. Upon submission and marking, it is always the latter kind that seems to get the highest marks. Well, the truth is, every essay is as good as the research that has been done. After you have been given an essay as your assignment the first step should always be to find relevant data that can be used in your article. What the above statement means is that research is a vital part of effective writing. You cannot write and communicate your message effectively if you have not conducted ample research. Your writing must be guided and be dependent on research. Research ensures that your work is credible and the points included are valid. If you wish to know more about research and how it impacts your writing, continue reading tips provided below by

Start your research with a brainstorm

When you start your research, always start with a brainstorm. Researchers will tell you that their work always starts with a single question and this leads to others which then lead to the probable and usable search query. Everything must have a starting point and while researching, the starting point is to brainstorm. Therefore, when you have an assignment, make sure that after you have identified the topic your next step is brainstorming. Brainstorming offers you the chance of developing different perspectives which can be beneficial when writing your essay. Secondly, it also offers you the opportunity of developing arguments which can be used in your paper. Therefore, before you start your research, consider brainstorming for a while and gather all the pieces that you manage to come up with.

Access academic sources

Every great essay must have included credible academic sources. Therefore, if you are one of the people who insert the query how to write a great essay, just know that you need a rich repository which will help you access credible academic sources. Sources give you perspective and also help you to know what has been done, the gaps in the research that has been done, and the challenges other researchers experienced while conducting their research. You have to know or have access to academic sources. These will help you develop a rich paper which will not only communicate your intended message but also ensure you get higher marks.

Read through lecture notes

Lecture notes must always be your first reference point when writing your essay. Lecture notes introduce you to the topic you need to tackle. They offer you an easier way of understanding what is required in your essay. Therefore, make sure that you do not skip any class and that you always get to class early. The above will help you develop good notes and also enable you to understand the various courses you are handling.

Aside from the above, lecture notes are often made up of different sources because the professors make it a point to consult different sources. Therefore, when you pay great attention to them, they will gift you a wide perspective of your course and enrich you. However, there are important things which you need to consider while taking notes. First of all, you need to make sure that your notes are well prepared and well-structured. Your main points must stand out and everything of note that is said in class must be noted. These will help you when you are revising or when you have an essay to write. The point of preparing good notes is to ensure that you have an easy time when you are reading them. Therefore, make a point of taking good notes.

Investigate the printed electronic journals

Electronic journals are those journals which are posted online or are under sites like researchgate, jstor, academia, etc. People share their work on these sites and are also involved in discussions where they venture deeper into their work with any interested individuals. Electronic journals from credible sites like the ones listed above should, therefore, be considered as source options when you are writing an essay. One of the reasons why you need to investigate electronic journals is because they are written by people who are professionals in their fields. These people share credible knowledge which can also be used and cited appropriately. Thus, you should consider them whenever you are writing your essay. The second reason is that they will offer you different perspectives on your topic. Some of these journals are quite advanced and will include information that is new to you and that will gift your essay a professional touch. Make it a point to always investigate these journals and if you are not subscribed to any of the sites above, then you need to do so and enjoy access to these resources.

Use the internet to search online books

The internet can be said to be the largest information repository in the world. You can find anything you want from the internet including journals, books, and news articles. Online books are available on different platforms and with a good internet connection, you can find a way to access useful books. Some online books are downloadable for free while others are sold. However, there are others which can be read online but downloading is limited to only those who have bought the book. Therefore, when you are taking your time on the internet and perusing through the electronic journals, try and find online books which are relevant for your essay.

Use Wikipedia or other online encyclopedias

Many custom writing companies will always advise you to make use of online encyclopedias because while they are not considered credible sources, they do have information that can point you in the right direction. Instead of seeking essay help online, make use of these readily accessible sources. Wikipedia, for example, has a lot of information and on thousands of topics. While it may not be accepted as a credible source, it will offer you credible information which can help in your research.

In conclusion, writing an essay without conducting any research is synonymous with failing. You cannot write about something which you have not done considerable research on. The tips above will be of great help to you. Therefore, put to use each of the tips above.