According to sources, Pebble’s latest smartwatch is finally available for pre-order in the US at BestBuy’s (NASDAQ: BBY) online shop and the company’s website. Ship dates will be starting in early July while the product itself will be hitting the shelves in mid-July. As for customers from around the world, the smartwatch can be pre-ordered via Pebble’s website in early July.

Pebble Time houses a color screen and runs Pebble’s latest smartwatch software. The gadget features a new interaction model allowing users to look at upcoming and past events taken place at any time during the day. Time is compatible with Android and iOS devices though people who have played around with the smartwatch suggest that Google’s (NASDAQ: GOOG) mobile OS offers a better experience than the Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) one.

Pebble’s much-anticipated gizmo retails for $200 and is available in three different color options to opt for; black, white and red for the band and case.

When it comes to Pebble Time Steel, the company has stated that it will be soon shipped to the backers of the KickStarter campaign and later on will be available for pre-order.

As Tech Crunch has correctly pointed out, it will be fascinating to see how Pebble’s smartwatch will stand up to competition, especially now that the Cupertino giant has entered the game with the trending Apple Watch. It is a fact that a number of smartwatches – some quite cheaper as well – out in the market are much more multifunctional than Pebble’s counterpart, though the company appears to have a huge base of dedicated customers. For all we know the product is still solely available for pre-order, hence the first results of sales performance will be available to us probably in autumn.