The teenage star Kylie Jenner is currently living under fear of getting her sex tape with her ex-boyfriend leaked soon. The worries came around when her ex, Tyga posted some inappropriate tapes of Kylie online. Before the sex video could become a part of the mainstream, Kylie confessed that she fears that her intimate moments may get viral since her boyfriend may take revenge.

The movie was uploaded on for around 30 minutes only, however Jenner seems to be ‘freaking out’ once she got the news. Although, the video is yet not in the mainstream, but the teen sensation is really worried about it.

After breaking up with the popular rapper, the 18 year old sensation moved on with another PartyNextDoor rapper. Now, as per the sources, Tyga is resolute about taking revenge for the break up and leaking this might be one way.


Sources say that Jenner is really worried about her intimate moments getting into wrong hands. She further says that the video might be uploaded online to embarrass them. She claims that 26 year old has ‘power’ and he would take revenge of the break up.

David Pisarra who is a lawyer said that the rapper must have a written permission from the star for uploading the film. If any offending tape is revealed without the consent of both the partners, then it may charge the guilty as per the law of California.

The teen seems to follow the footsteps of her elder sister Kim who brought the family into limelight after the release of an offending film. As per the reports, the movie featuring Kim and Ray Jay earned 4.5 million dollars. Presently the model has been earning around 5000 dollars for every episode which is aired. The movie was the only reason which brought her fame.

However, the complete story is yet not revealed.