Polar announces the M600 smartwatch for Android wear

The Finland-based manufacturer Polar, unveiled the new M600, an Android Wear smartwatch that focuses on full heart monitoring rate and step count for fitness enthusiasts. The product was showcased in New York and San Francisco, and it’s priced at $329. The M600 also features a built-in GPS and a battery duration of 48 hours, as well as waterproofing.

Polar takes its expertise to a new market

Polar has created the M600 with the idea of more comprehensive exercise-related information for Android wear users. The brand has been known over the years for focusing on active devices and accessories, such as portable heart rate monitors.

But this is its first attempt at an Android smartwatch, entering an entirely new market where companies like Apple, Samsung, and Huawei are currently dominating. However, Polar has over three decades working in the fitness field, an important fact the company expects will set their new product apart.

The smartwatch focuses on functionality more than style

Some early reviews about the M600 noted that the watch seems to be more about function than fashion. With a 1.2-inch 240 x 240 display, the device comes with a default black silicone band, with the option of replacement by the user for customization.

Apart from this feature, the product maintains a sober look, reminiscent of Fitbit’s Surge, and it’s available in black or white. With a Cortex.A7 ARM processor and six LEDs for the heart rate monitor, the M600 looks less stylish than its competitors like the Apple watch and Fitbit Blaze.

Polar’s main goal with the smartwatch is to show more accurate information to the user. Image Source: TechCrunch
Polar’s primary goal with the smartwatch is to show more accurate information to the user. Image Source: TechCrunch

The M600 comes with a variety of training programs and routines

The device will sync with all the fitness programs and training plans offered by the Polar Flow app and will run on any Android Wear software like Google fit.

It also comes with inactivity alerts to inform the person when it’s been too long since the last workout routine. The M600 also can track the intensity output of almost any sport that the user practices, or any fitness activity such as running from 5K to a marathon, which is complemented with the help of Polar’s new running app.

The company assures that the smartwatch is designed to be worn all the time. The release date for the M600 smartwatch is to be determined over the next months.

Source: The Verge