Pokémon fans are holding onto their seats until some official confirmation comes for the new Nintendo Switch titles. Image: Compfight

The internet has been heavily responsible for a large number of speculative theories of Pokémon fans regarding the game series for Nintendo’s new console. However, it is a fact that any information coming from the leaks is unofficial. There are lots of fans that believe that Pokémon’s Nintendo Switch title will be a release called Pokémon Let’s Go.

Pokémon logo hint

Many fans have dug from forums such as 4chan and Twitter fan pages an actual logo written in Japanese that reads “Pokémon Let’s Go” which has led to the theory that there will be two versions of the title named Pokémon Let’s Go! Pikachu Edition and Pokémon Let’s Go! Eevee Edition coming this fall.

Pictures from these fan sites and forums have been the main lead for several fans to believe that this is, in fact, the next step for the Pokémon franchise, also many sites veering toward the trendy speculation have noted that these “Pokémon let’s go” images are all depicted with a tiny “TM” mark at the bottom of the logo.

However insiders and news portals have tried to reach the Pokémon company in order to confirm the legitimacy of the images, as well as the rest of the rumors, seen the buzz going around Pokémon, many believe that it is time to get some actual facts.

Gameplay clues and hints

An anonymous 4chan user suggested that Pokémon Let’s Go will be a Nintendo Switch remake of Pokémon Yellow. He also suggested that these games would star Blue and Red, as well as the original trainer and rivals from the first generation games.

In one of these supposed leaks, there was an integration feature similar to Pokémon Go which portrayed a capture system that was quite like the one from the mobile game. Also, there was a “leak “that suggested the possibility of linking the 2 games together just like in the GameBoy times.

Regarding this leaks and hints, it would make sense for the franchise to milk the whole Pokémon Go system and gameplay, especially since Producer Junichi Masuda stated back in 2016 that he had high hopes for the connection of the main game series to Pokémon Go.

Domain registration and other hints

Earlier on Wednesday, fans took notice of a company registering the domain names for pokemonletsgopikachu.com and pokemonletsgoeevee.com. The company in question is the same that registered the Pokémon Sun and Moon a few years back.

This last development has fans in high hopes, given that the last time they discovered the official URL registration, the event was closely followed by official confirmation by Nintendo. E3 is just around the corner, so fans might get to learn if their theories are right sooner rather than later.

Source: IGN