Sony's PSVR is about to get a whole lot cheaper, just in time to catch some hot new games as well. Image: Compfight

Sony’s PlayStation 4 (PS4) has been a leading console in the market for some time now, particularly due to their discount sales and constant new releases. Now, they have launched a sale that aims at expanding their PS Virtual Reality headset by making it more affordable through 3 new bundles.

The most affordable bundle is the $199 Gran Turismo Sport with the original PSVR headset, and necessary for VR, PlayStation Camera. The other two bundles are more expensive being $299 each, the Doom VFR and the Skyrim VR versions, which will include two PlayStation Move Motion controllers. Both bundles include the latest model of the PSVR.

The PSVR revised headset is basically the same as the original one but includes support for HDR pass-through, which could simplify the installation and use in case the TV supports this feature. The best part of this sale, however, is that you can get a $50 or $100 discount on the standard $499 price tag over 2 weeks, starting February 18th to March 3rd.

PSVR bundles, price, and release date

Virtual reality has increased its presence on the past few years and, when it reached the gaming industry, Sony’s PS4 was quick to jump in the action. However, like all good things, its deployment has been slow. The VR system started with a few interesting and surprising game experiences new to many gamers like Shark or Batman Arkham VR.

But now franchises like the Elder Scrolls and Bethesda’s Doom have been joining the VR world and are providing an astounding leverage for PlayStation, which is safe to say it can be seen as the main sponsor for mainstream VR gaming.

PSVR: most expected games and titles

These bundles will allow more and more consumers to enter this world and enjoy what could be a sneak peek of the gaming revolution. Plus, there are hyped titles to be expected like Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-Ality heading to the market this spring on April 10th, and the adventure puzzle game that was announced last year on E3: Moss.

There are other great titles as well already in the market that include a remarkable tech work, Sprint Vector, it displays a unique “Fluid locomotion system”. It is certain that PSVR is flooded with hype and excitement, given the fact that its market has increased drastically in 2 years.

The PSVR system is a display of what Sony calls “a gadget to see the future” and when it comes to gaming its charm comes with the display of several game worlds displayed in a 5.7 inch OLED screen with a 360 field view that allows you to see 120 frames per second in a hyper-real 3D world with super low latency.

Source: PlayStation