YouTube Kids, the special channel that YouTube has launched for our little friends has been a success so far, even though it has not reached every place of the world.

Thanks to that new service, children can watch more educative and less violent programs or spend quality time rather than watching countless viral videos and funny cats throughout the day.

Now, taking one step at a time, the YouTube Kids channel has launched in Australia this week as well and it’s available for free download from Google Play or the Apple App Store. It goes without saying that all content has been pre-screened and deemed age-appropriate for little ones, so little to no parental control is actually needed.

The app first rolled out last February in the U.S and since then, it has been downloaded more than 10 million times on a global scale – or more specifically, in the regions where it’s available.

Malik Ducard, global head of family and learning at YouTube, said in a statement concerning the launch of the app in Australia:

Now, Aussie families will have a new way to discover and explore videos on every topic in, well, the universe. YouTube Kids is our first step in reimagining YouTube for families, built from the ground up with little ones in mind. Our family-friendly app makes it easier for parents and kids to enjoy the family content they love.

Australia has had its own material for kids such as Play School, Jemima’s Big Adventure, and Giggle and Hoot; and luckily, YouTube Kids will support all of those.

Malik specifically mentions:

Your favourite Aussie shows from ABC Kids — Play School, Jemima’s Big Adventure, and Giggle and Hoot — are in YouTube Kids alongside Thomas & Friends, HooplaKidz, and National Geographic Kids. You’ll also find popular content from Australian creators such as Charli’s Crafty Kitchen, Bounce Patrol, and Hi-5 TV.

Even the ads that app will contain will be family friendly and will definitely not include click through links.

And of course while the whole environment will be family friendly oriented as well, there are still some options left for parental control.

In fact, parents can choose to alter search and sound settings, meaning that you can make a choice about how broadly you want your child to explore or turn off background music and sound effects, so your kids can keep watching while you catch a breath. In addition, there is a Custom passcode feature which gives parents the ability to set their own passcode.