Google announces there will be more Slide API integrations to come pretty soon. Image Source: Google

Google Feud enables you to play with Google search and earn points. The game provides you with a single page, where you will view the first half of a search query. You have to fill out the remaining portion using your own intelligence. The main aim of Google Feud is to guess as many popular queries.

As part of the game, Google displays the first half of popular queries around the world. If you happen to see a query starting with “Should I sell my …”, you might guess it as a house, car or dog.

If your guess matches with the popular search results, then you will earn the required points.

Google Feud

If your guess goes wrong, you will be able to view a big strike with “X”.

Google Feud Strike

If you earn three strikes then the Google Feud game will be finished. You have to refresh the site again to view fresh set of questions.

Even though the concept is good, the backend engine doesn’t seem accurate. When “Barbara” appeared on the game, we provided the third result, which Google displayed but all we got is a big strike.

Moreover, you should accurately specify the relevant answers. For instance, if you specify “Plane” and the real answer turns out to be “airplane”, you will get a big strike.

The backend engine does not work properly

If you can spare few minutes to refresh yourself or if you don’t have any work during weekends, you can kill time by playing Google Feud.

You can test the real knowledge by hitting the search term on Google and finding out the answer. This game will be very useful for kids since parents can test their knowledge rather than simply playing games or watching Television.

You can select any one of the four categories to play Google Feud such as Culture, People, Names and Questions.

Google Feud is developed using excellent artificial intelligence algorithm since it provides different queries upon each refresh.

It remains to be seen as to whether Google will keep the Feud game or suspend it after a while. We request you to play Google Feud and post your comments below. Let us know how it works out for you.