Win an Xbox One S with Pizza Hut's Triple Treat. Image credit: Pizza Hut/ TheUSBPort.

Pizza Hut and Xbox joined forces to bring a holiday promo. Starting on November 7, people who get Pizza Hut’s triple treat will have the chance to win an Xbox One S and 4K entertainment systems. The deal is only available in the US and ends on December 24.

The new Pizza Hut offer comes as Microsoft continues to improve on its existent video game products. More recently, the tech company introduced VR support for Xbox One S controllers, and just weeks ago it unveiled a pair of affordable VR headsets.

Microsoft is also expanding its efforts into the realm of video game development. The tech giant launched ‘Minecraft: Education Edition’ at the beginning of the month to introduce a new way of teaching and learning in classrooms around the world.

Pizza Hut's Xbox One S themed control.
Pizza Hut’s Xbox One S themed control. Image credit: TheUSBPort.

What is a Pizza Hut’s Triple Treat? 

Pizza Hut’s deal is available right now from restaurants across the country, and by the end of the promo, Pizza Hut and Microsoft will have awarded an estimated 1,140 consoles to lucky customers.

Pizza enthusiasts need only to order one of Pizza Hut’s most beloved dishes: the Triple Treat Box. The Box is making a comeback after being absent from Pizza Hut’s menu for a while, and it comes with new treats for the Holiday season.

The $19.99 serving consists of two medium pizzas with one topping each, and customers can order them Hand Tossed, Thin N’ Crispy, or pan-cooked. An order of breadsticks and a large Hershey’s Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie complete the Triple Treat Box.

When Pizza Hut customers acquire a Triple Treat, customers will also get a promotion code which they have to submit at They will receive a notification whether they win or not. If they don’t win, they will have to wait 24 hours before re-trying.

What are some of the other prizes from Pizza Hut?

While the free Xbox One S every hour is certainly tempting, it is not all that Pizza Hut is offering on the Holidays. The pizza franchise is also offering a $10 discount code for select Xbox One games with every Triple Treat Box purchase as well.

On top of that, there is a grand prize for the luckiest of winners: an Xbox One S, a Samsung 4K SUHD TV, and an audio system will go to one of the loyal customers before the promo ends.

All consoles offered by Pizza Hut include two controllers: a regular one and a red one customized in the company’s signature style. The deal is available at Pizza Hut locations in the U.S. until December 24.

Source: Pizza Hut / Entry your promo code