Recently surfaced survey results suggest that Snapchat was voted by the majority of teens as the most beloved social network currently available.

More specifically, Piper Jaffray, who was in charge of the study “Taking Stock With Teens“, surveyed 6.5000 teens living throughout the U.S., asking them which social networking platform they consider to being the most important at the moment.

The results showcased that Snapchat came first, with 28% of the voters rooting for it, while Instagram came in second at 27%, which clearly indicates that the victory was a close call. The old-boys, Twitter and Facebook, grabbed the third and fourth place at 18% and 17% respectively.

Furthermore, it is worth noting the fact that two photo and video sharing platforms thriving among teens is no coincidence at all. A number of studies conducted over the last few years have been suggesting that teens prefer image and video-based content than pure text, hence why Facebook is investing a lot to adapt to the new era, with VR integration and Live Video.


As far as Snapchat is concerned, the application, available for both iOS and Android, has been rolling out substantial updates on a very often basis, such as the likes of the Lens Store, a wider variety of video and image filters, even live coverage at the Oscars. Additionally, through these updates, the company has managed to experiment with a slew of features that pulled off later on.

Similarly, Instagram has shifted its focus on video lately, with the release of Boomerang app a few months ago, as well as enhancing its native video sharing feature, by improving the upload quality and dimensions, as well as extending the duration to one minute.

When it comes to the most undesirable options, Google+ came in last with just 1%, while Tumblr and Pinterest were both just a tad above at a 2% share.

Source: Piper Jaffray