Pinterest, Lens, Instant Ideas, Shop The Look
Pinterest Lens is almost ready! Image: Github.

Pinterest has introduced a new tool called Lens, designed to help users integrate objects from their daily lives into the app. It works on the mobile version, using the phone’s camera, and will be available in the US soon.

The visual collection site also launched two more features into its mobile app. The first one, called Instant Ideas, offers additional pins related to the one’s users put on their boards. Shop The Look, the second one, helps give interested buyers links to purchase desired items.

Pinterest is a website dedicated solely to the visual, more so than other social media sites like Instagram. The app encourages users to build their personal catalogs with things they like and does not focus as much on interaction but original discovery.

Pinterest’s Lens recognizes objects from the real world

With the help of machine vision, the Lens feature detects objects in reality and then suggest related items based on popularity. According to Pinterest’s creators, the feature is not only about finding similar objects but things that directly relate to it.

“Just point Lens at a pair of shoes,” they stated in a blog spot. “then tap to see related styles or even ideas for what else to wear them with.” Users do not even have to snap a picture. The Lens feature would allow them to connect with what they need visually, in theory instantly.

For now, the app is in its beta stage. In an interview with CBS, the creators stated that users would not get the update until a few more weeks, just like it appears on the blog post. However, both Android and iPhone enthusiasts will receive it simultaneously.

‘Instant Ideas’ and ‘Shop The Look’

These two other perks are already available in the latest version of Pinterest’s mobile app. The first one is very easy to use, users need only to tap the white circle on the bottom right corner of a pin to see similar trends.

Shop The Look works with a previous tool that identifies different objects inside an image within the app. For example, a photo of a dining room will have blue dots over it pointing to the table, chairs, a lamp, curtains, and more.

By tapping these blue dots for each item, users will get a menu on the bottom with shopping choices from different sources, price included. Selecting one of the options opens a link to the shop’s online site for direct purchase.

Source: Pinterest