Everyone loves clicking pictures of themselves, nature, wildlife, family as photos capture memories that can be cherished lifetime. We can beautify these photos by using various photo editing apps. These apps help to improve the visual effects of the pictures, thereby making it more appealing. Below enlisted are few photo editing apps that might help you improve the quality of pictures:

1. Snapseed: Snapseed is one of the best and most commonly used app. It provides various filters for improving the visual effect of the picture like glamour glow, black and white, vintage look and many more. It even has various photo polishing techniques like color adjustment, brightness, cropping, straightening and sharpening. It also has a tool through which you can remove unwanted objects from the photograph and customize it. This app is available for free from the app store.


2. Photowonder: As the name itself says it all, it creates wonders on the picture. It performs 3 major functions of “slimify,” “blemish fix” and “make-up”. This app carries plenty of themes and clip-arts that you can apply to a picture and make it look attractive than before. Using this app, we can even create a collage of pictures and put it up in a frame as a beautiful memory. Photowonder is one of the widely used free photo-editing app.

3. Facetune: Facetune helps in getting flawless skin. It erases marks on the skin, removes creases and evens the skin color. This app is most commonly applied on selfie clicks. You can remove your acnes, get rid of the red eye effect etc. resulting in a beautifully enhanced selfie. Facetune even offers the option of looking taller or thinner, if someone wishes to.


4. Visage Lab: Another ravishing app which will make you girls glow. It has a variety of modification options i.e. skin make-up, eye make-up, teeth whitening, shine removal, skin whitening and color enhancement. So, according to the modifications you can choose the factors. The results are so amazing that you might feel like a Hollywood actress for sure.

5. Cream Cam: Girls, this app will surely make you look softer and shinier with no scars and marks. This app would also make your hair look bouncy and wavy. It provides both brightness and blur feature which can be customized accordingly by the users.  This app is well known for having flawless skin with no manual editing.

cream cam

6. Selfie Photo Editor: This app provides tips for clicking better selfie and even possess various tools for improving the quality of selfie’s already clicked. With this app, you can add volume to your hair/lips, have flawless skin, whiten your teeth and even change the color of your eyes. After editing and saving the picture, you can directly post and share it via Facebook, Twitter, email, Instagram, and SMS.

7. Perfect365: This app helps in providing a complete makeover to your picture. Girls, you can try different looks using this app. It tends to showcase different make-up styles and you can choose the one which looks the most appealing to you. It enhances the key points on your face by highlighting dots where various skin blemishing tools can be applied. Girls, this app would help you to sizzle throughout 365 days with different looks each day.


8. Skinny camera: This is the best app to use if you are underweight or overweight. It hides those extra calories, making you look slimmer and sexier. This app sheds your 10-20 pounds in just one click. So what are waiting for? Want to look slim? Go on. Now it’s as easy as never before. Download this app and make full use of it.

9. Pic Monkey: This is another app which would make girls look prettier. This app aims at providing flawless skin, improve the skin tone, teeth whitening, and may more similar tools to beautify the skin.

10. Pixtr: Pixtr is a great app having plenty of tools for producing high-quality pictures. Using this app, you can the color of your hair and remove the old age effects making you look younger. This app detects and removes all the distortion from the picture. You can make your face look slimmer, highlight your cheek bones, trim your eye brows, etc. After editing, share your ravishing picture with your contacts directly on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, e-mail and even on WhatsApp.

Clicking and posting pictures on social networking sites has become girls’ favorite pastime globally. So girls download these super wonderful apps and create great pictures out of it. Love yourself, feel beautiful and think smart. Enjoy!