Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) is the largest social networking website where millions of users stay connected to each other. They share messages, photos and alike and frequently communicate to each other. Not only this, people can also keep an eye on friends’ activities as well. Many times when you see your friends list, you are surprised to see a number of names missing from the particular list. You try and recall your past incidents to know the list of persons who might have deleted you from Facebook. You may be able to guess that person’s name correctly; but not every time. To avoid this confusion, Facebook has recently released “Who Deleted Me On Facebook” app on July 6 in Washington.

Who Deleted me on Facebook?

This app has been released for Android and iOS operated smartphones. With the help of this app, one can easily keep the track of their friends list. This app seems to be the counterpart of Twitter’s (NYSE: TWTR) “Who Unfollowed Me” which tells the user when any of his friends got disappeared from the list of followers. Not only that, “Who Unfollowed Me” app also shows whether that person has deactivated his/her account or the person has actually deleted the user from the list.

One thing to note down here is that once you download this app, it will not start showing you the names of the friends from the past who had deleted you. This app will only get activated once the user activates it. Other than above features, “Who Deleted Me On Facebook” service also shows users their newest added friends, blocked people, and last seen stamp for every user who is there in their friends list.

The app was originally released earlier this year though due to modifications in the social network’s policy, it was temporarily removed in April. Who deleted me on Facebook is also available as a web browser extension, thus using it on desktop as well.