More People Are Testing Their VPNs And This Is Why You Should Too

In case you are wondering what all the hype behind testing is about, you are about to find out. For starters, VPNs are used for many reasons. You can hide your online identity and physical location by using a VPN. You can also bypass geographical boundaries in countries where network restrictions in the order of the day using a VPN.

A VPN also makes it impossible for hackers to listen to your network or intercept it. Nevertheless, VPNs vary in terms of what they have to offer. Both free and premium VPNs come with their own fair share of shortcomings. It is therefore up to you to ensure that your choice of a VPN service has the least downsides and VPN test results can help with that. Shady or vulnerable VPNs fail most of the tests, giving you enough reason as to why you should reconsider your VPN choice.

What Shady or Vulnerable VPNs Do

There is a lot to lose if you entertain a shady VPN. These are VPNs that will do the following:

  • They log user IP addresses, connection date and time
  • They study the kind of traffic you pass through their network
  • They keep tabs on how long your online sessions take

What do providers of such VPNs achieve with all this information, you ask? They benefit from this information or data by selling it to third parties which include private and public entities. A VPN that leaks your IP address, for instance, can help the government of a country whose resources you are trying to access know what you are up to and stop you.

Some VPN providers may argue that the reason behind them keeping user logs is to monitor or detect illegal online activities in their network, which beats the logic behind using a VPN in the first place.

Avoid Shady VPNs Through Testing

There is no better way of figuring out the worthiness of a VPN other than testing it. For that reason, always take testing with the seriousness it deserves because it is the only way to be completely sure about a VPN service you are interested in.

Quality VPNs will always go out of their way to prove that they are the best. This means that if not all, they will pass for most tests especially on DNS and IP address leaks. The speed test is also one of the major tests that a reliable VPN should never fail. At the end of it all, testing a VPN will either signal you for a go-ahead or to get back to the market for a better service.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to finding a VPN testing site, don’t sweat it. Look at sites or tools with the most recommendations or positive reviews online and head there. Some sites have tested numerous VPNs and highlighted the findings. You could rely on such results if you don’t have time to carry out the testing of a VPN you have interest in.