Sony Entertainment Pictures released the first official trailer for its sci-fi / romantic movie starring Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt. Image Source: Cambiar News

The media mogul Sony Entertainment Pictures has released the first official trailer for the upcoming sci-fi romance film ‘Passengers.’ The new trailer is the opposite of a teaser, as it gives out a whole lot of detail about the story starring the Hollywood sweetheart Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt.

The trailer premiere online follows a troubled production experience for all parties involved. ‘Passengers’ as a film project has been through several phases of development over the years, finally landing at Sony back in late 2014.

‘Passengers’ is scheduled to open on December 21 in the United States, while international releases span over several weeks from Christmas time to mid-January 2017.

‘Passengers’ will have Pratt and Lawrence live a troubled romance, in space

 Disclaimer: Minor spoilers ahead 

In a universe where humanity has reached the space colonization era, 5,259 people embark on a journey to begin a new life on a remote planet. The Starship Avalon spaceship will take approximately 120 years to make it to its ultimate destination: ‘Homestead Colony.’

However, 30 years into the voyage, a ship malfunction results in two people waking up from the hibernation capsules they’re in and finding out they still have 90 years of travel to go. Besides looking for a solution to go back to sleep, both interstellar passengers make the most out of the situation and decide to get to know each other better in the quiet peace of the Starship Avalon.

Jennifer Lawrence stars as Aurora Dunn and Chris Pratt as Jim Preston. A writer and an engineer respectively, the two are seen flirting and up-close in the newly released trailer, but no romance story is without its tragedy.

Sony’s two-minute trailer shows how the love story is not only threatened by the need to go hibernating again, but also by subsequent malfunctions in the spaceship that threaten the cosmic journey towards a new life.

The video teases that there might be an ulterior reason for the couple to wake up so prematurely. Image Source: Telegraph
The video teases that there might be more than one reason for the couple to wake up so prematurely. Image Source: Telegraph

‘Passengers’ as a movie joins the latest wave of films set in space in recent years, among which ‘Gravity,’ ‘Interstellar,’ and ‘The Martian’ stand out. However, the Jennifer Lawrence flick seems to be the first to rely more on its romantic storyline rather than the sci-fi genre and outer space setting.

The film also represents the comeback of the Academy Award-winning actress to the big screen since the spring debut of ‘X-Men: Apocalypse,’ the third installment in the rebooted 20th Century Fox franchise. Chris Pratt will hit theaters later this week with the premiere of ‘The Magnificent Seven,’ a remake of the iconic western penned by Nic Pizzolatto of ‘True Detective’ fame.

Directed by The Imitation Game’s Morten Tyldum, ‘Passengers’ will premiere in the U.S. and India on December 21, while a large part of Europe will get to see the film throughout the first weeks of January next year.

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