Opera Max

Till now, Opera Max was not able to compress the HTTPS videos; thus there was no support for the likes of YouTube and Netflix. Opera Max’s update allows its users to save some more data while streaming videos on YouTube and Netflix. The data saving is done without any significant loss in quality and it even reduces buffering; thus allowing users to watch more of their favorite TV shows and movies and cat videos.

What is Opera Max

According to Opera, the data savings can reach up to 50% without significant loss in video quality. However, the amount of data savings will depend on the type of mobile or Wi-Fi network and mobile devices of the users. They are also working hard to add data saving support for even more HTTPS video services in the months to come.

Opera Max is Opera’s data-saving proxy for Android and was released in February 2014 after Opera bought Skyfire Labs. Opera Max works by compressing and rerouting data using a virtual private network (VPN) to the data-savings cloud. All the non-encrypted data requests are first sent through Opera’s compression servers. These servers optimize videos, images and websites use less data.

The opera Max app uses proprietary algorithms and software to compress unencrypted data such as video, image or text. It works very cautiously and takes its users privacy seriously before routing all the traffic through its own network. Thus, allowing users to keep faith in its compressing process and using the Opera Max without much thinking and difficulty.

Long back, Opera also offered a similar service to its desktop browser users in the form of Opera Turbo mode. This service is probably for those users who have metered connection as they can save their precious data bandwidth.