NASA's Virtual Reality project will allow users to navigate through the ISS, thanks to Oculus Rift. Image Source: Space

Oculus worked along with three space agencies to create Mission: ISS. Mission: ISS allows the users of Oculus Rift to explore the International Space Station in Virtual Reality. Oculus Rift and Touch owners can now visit the ISS for free and live the experience in VR.

Mission: ISS participants become almost real astronauts. During the VR experience, the users can perform a lot of different activities in the ISS. They can conduct spacewalks, help around in the cargo area and respond to vital missions for the ISS.

The VR experience was created in partnership with the Canadian Space Agency, the European Space Agency, and NASA. The developers also used NASA’s space station models and interviewed real astronauts to create the best possible experience. Mission: ISS was designed by studio Magnopus.

Facebook’s CEO explained during the conference that Project Santa Cruz takes the best from VR and blends it with the freedom of having no wires. Image Source: Forbes

Jason Rubin, Oculus head of content, said that it was going to be the same simulation that NASA uses on its astronauts to prepare them for space. NASA has worked closely with VR for many years. It even helped to create the Mars exploration experience: Mars 2030. Oculus is currently working on a new program to give American high school students the chance to test Mission: ISS.

Oculus has also announced several projects due this year.

Oculus also seized the opportunity to partner with the French Space Agency to send a Rift to the ISS. Thomas Pesquet will be the first person to use a Rift in Orbit. Using Rift in orbit will help Oculus and the French Agency to understand how zero gravity affects spatial awareness and balance.

Visit the ISS in NASA's new game for the Oculus Rift
NASA’s Virtual Reality journey through the International Space Station brought by Oculus Rift. Image Source: Scoopnest

Blade & Soul: Table Arena

NCSoft created a game that will fuse different genres like real-time strategy and collectible card game in a single title. Blade & Soul: Table Arena. During the game, you will be able to use your real hands so summon units to battle your way through different scenarios.

Brass Tactics

Hidden Path Entertainment created a real-time strategy game, unlike others. In the game, you can use Touch to move your clockwork minions to the field or order attacks by sweeping your hand. The game has a PvP mode and a Co-op mode.

The Mage’s Tale is inXile Entertainment latest The Bard’s Tale title. The game is described as an RPG dungeon crawler. inXile created a game where you can use and mix spells with your hands and a great story.

Earlier this year Oculus also unveiled  The Gear VR Controller. The Gear is Oculus latest VR product with the best immersion feel. It was ergonomically designed to be used with only one hand not to break the immersion.

Source: Oculus