The Bridge VR headset for iPhone brings plenty of add-on features for its users. Image Source: Mashable

Bridge‘ is the first VR headset specifically made for iPhone, supporting models 6, 6s, and 7. It is currently in development by Occipital, a tech company from San Francisco and will begin shipping very soon.

The ‘Bridge’ gets its name from the fact that it is designed to act as a link between the virtual and the real. It offers a combination of virtual reality immersive experiences, similar to the ones found today in most headsets, but also the ability to create mixed reality environments.

Mixed reality, in essence, is just another name for augmented reality, giving users the ability to play games and interact with virtual characters in everyday settings like the home or the workplace.

Bridge will begin shipping next week with a bundle of goodies

At the official website, VR enthusiasts (who own Apple phones) can already shop for the Bridge Limited Edition package, which includes a functional single-button controller, a Bridge T-shirt, and Bridge blueprint, all for $499.

Orders for this particular product will begin shipping next Friday, December 16. As of right now, there are 173 Limited Edition bundle units available for iPhone 6/6s, and 175 for iPhone 7.

Users not interested in the LE variant will have to wait until March 2017 to get their regular Bridge, which comes with the controller and the Structure Sensor (that customers can ditch to save $120 more). Pre-orders are already open for $399.

Features, specifications, and details

The Bridge headset allows users to switch between AR and VR with just a tap, offering an excellent array of activities and games for both modes. Bridge works with 6DoF (6 Degrees of Freedom) positional tracking for VR users to avoid a collision with the objects around the room and for AR characters to blend seamlessly with real-world environments.

Occipital is also offering access to the Bridge engine for interested developers to create new VR and AR experiences, which would include interacting and upgrading Bridget, the mixed-reality virtual robot companion found in the AR interface.

Bridge includes a Unity plugin for developers to integrate this engine’s technology into their game design. An SDK is also available for those interested in upgrading the Structure Sensor, the device responsible for mapping a room to create Bridge’s AR environments.

Bridge works with iOS 9 and beyond, has a resolution of 326 ppi and a refresh rate of 60fps. The camera input has a 10ms latency to a fully tracked pose, which means that the device maps a user’s position and the AR-VR environment almost instantly for a unique entertainment experience. It comes with a PMMA Optical-Grade Acrylic Lens.

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