According to the rumor mill, Nintendo has a new and mysterious gaming console on the way, and the company really needs it to be a hit. This has been suggested earlier as well and now a new image, uncovered by a Dual Pixels source, could well be the controller for the upcoming system.

So, it will be better if we look at the leak with a fine tooth comb and see the apparent similarities that the image has to the recently patented design that Nintendo has already registered. This could imply to two different conclusions, that is, either the image is photoshopped or we might just be looking at the real deal.


It may also be a prototype or testing device, so there are big chances that the final rendition of the console may not look the same as what we are seeing right now. The patent describes an elliptical controller with a display and touch panel, similar to the Wii U GamePad.

Even if there is no direct mention of the NX in the patent, still, it will be not so surprising to see a new innovation before the release of the new console.

Furthermore, the launch of such a controller does look likely as Nintendo is putting its controller against the consoles by Sony and Microsoft, both of which have well-established markets as far as the gaming consoles are considered.

Regarding the legitimacy of the image, Destructoid went so far as to run the photo through a program that can tell if an image has been doctored in Photoshop. Based on the results, it seems likely that this is a real one.

What do you think about Nintendo’s forthcoming gaming console; is the image above the real deal or not? Let us know of your thoughts in the comments below.


  1. Wii u is awesome just had a lack of games …nintendo needs to let go of the kiddy carp and get mature like PlayStation and Xbox they fail to realize online gaming is where it is at and they seemed to have missed the boat …hopefully they step into the times and get onboard…2k and cod is big-time revenue if they get with it some new castlevania,Zelda,metro is,maybe even a final fight or something will bring back fans of old…also how the he’ll they don’t have street fighter when they created it like come on man…they need to bring back what worked ..the family play thing. Was cool but now it’s gone to far and people are not liking it….I’m a Nintendo fan for life more like an ambassador for them ..and the Wii u system was brilliance unfulfilled