Retro console emulation has been a natural enemy of Video game manufacturers.

Nintendo has announced new details about the soon-to-be-released NES Classic Mini. In addition to the 30 pre-installed titles featured on the upcoming console, a variety of display options will be included such as a standard HD-resolution output, a 4:3 aspect ratio mode and a pixel-perfect mode.

Besides, the system will allow permanent and temporary saves within the games. Communications Manager at Nintendo in Canada, Julie Gagnon, discussed the NES Classic Mini specs during an interview for “La Terrasse ÉNERGIE,” a radio program broadcasted on Montreal.

The NES Mini Classic will keep up with the times

After Nintendo revealed the launching of the mini-version of its classic console, NES, concerns about display compatibility started to circulate the internet as older video game systems have failed to deliver on modern TV devices sometimes.

But such worries have been put to rest with the inclusion of an HD resolution output, according to Mrs. Gagnon. The console will also offer the option to make the visuals look as they would on a CRTV, a cool feature for nostalgic gamers. Besides, the pixel-perfect mode transforms pixels into perfect squares and the 4:3 ratio feature should add to the retro atmosphere.

Players can save at any point during a game

Another highlight of the NES Mini Classic is game saving. Permanent save points will be found in the titles. Also, the player would have the option to stop playing at any point of a game and return later, thanks to the addition of instant temporary saves.

Nintendo fight emulators for revenue and retakes rivalry with Sega

Although illegal, they’ve gained popularity among users with a vast selection of titles from virtually every console made in the 80’s, 90’s and the 2000’s.

Nintendo seeks to win back the revenue lost during the last decade with its re-release of the NES, an action that has inspired former competitors like Sega to follow the retro trend by revealing its own Mega Drive Classic, expected to arrive in October. Both announcements by the companies have caused some excitement among gamers, as it marks a new chapter of the classic clash between the old rivals.

NES Mini classic is hitting the shelves on November 11th with one controller and 30 pre-installed games that include “Donkey Kong”, “Excitebike”, “Kid Icarus”, “Ninja Gaiden”, and Mario Bros. The console will cost $59.99

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