As of now, Pokemon GO is available in 32 countries. Most of them in the European continent but the United States and Canada are included too. Image Credit: Mobibi Picker

Nintendo’s stock shares have been increasing their value since July 6 when Pokémon Go was released. This morning was not the exception, and Nintendo became the biggest tech company in Japan by beating Sony in the stock market.

The organization’s value is 4.5tn yen (£32bn) right now costing three more Euros than the company behind the PlayStation. Mario makes the company huge in the video game world, but the augmented reality (AR) app elevated the company to heights never reached before in the gaming industry.

Since day one, the app broke download records, and it quickly became more popular than Tinder and porn becoming the king of the internet. The web is the best platform for marketing, and the company did not even have to pay it. Millions of people around the world started talking about it on different social media, and the resulting popularity ended up affecting the real world. Everything that has the name “Pokémon” on it is hot right now; games, toys, bread (yes, Pokémon food) and even McDonald’s stocks raised after the restaurant started putting Pokémon toys in the happy meal box.

Nintendo has become one of the biggest companies in the world in 13 days, and it does not seem as the growth is going to stop soon. In fact, after tomorrow, the hype is going to increase.

Pokémon Go will be available in Japan starting tomorrow

As of now, the mobile app is available in 32 countries. Most of them in the European continent but the United States and Canada are included too. However, starting tomorrow, the app is going to be officially available in the Land of the Rising Sun. A lot of people on the net think is a little weird the game took so long to arrive the country island, but is not that weird really. The Japanese market has always enjoyed a privileged treatment by the video game industry, and Nintendo probably used all this time as a “beta” test before releasing the game in one of the largest gaming markets in the world.

The release in Japan is also going to bring a couple of new things. For instance, John Hanke, Niantic CEO, said the company would officially partner up with other organizations which will increase Nintendo’s value. According to Techcrunch, McDonald’s is going to be the first partner by setting 3,000 restaurants around Japan into Poké-stores and Gyms, which would lure thousands of new customers.

The company hasn’t said anything about any updates on the game. However, Japanese versions of most games usually have a couple of pluses. The day after tomorrow Nintendo is going to be in the news again, Japan is not only one of the largest gaming markets, it is the biggest market for mobile games. In 2014, the video game industry reported $9.6 billion in the country and more than half came from mobile games.

Hanke also said Nintendo had delayed the release in Japan because the directors wanted to be sure they had enough servers to handle the incoming traffic.

Source: TechCrunch