Nikola Motor Company, the new automobile startup in town, has come up with two new electric trucks which were announced on 16th of this month. The second company named after Tesla, unlike its counterpart, started off with a focus on EV’s.

Nikola Zero and Nikola One are gas-electric hybrid trucks.

Nikola One Truck

Unlike what the name suggests, the company will not be competing with Tesla, unless a certain Elon Musk wants to raid the $375,000 semi-electric market. Yep, the trucks cost $375 grand!

The hybrid truck, Nikola One, is said to have a fully agnostic turbine, emitting power to the battery. The company promises that the vehicle will reduce the fuel costs for owners by half. The new vehicle tank will be filled with 150 gallons of natural gas that will take the truck about 12,000 miles.

Apart from this, for the first 5,000 reservations, the company will guarantee 100,000 gallons of free natural gas, through their network of gas stations and natural gas wells that are owned by the company. This should take the truck about a million miles.

Nikola Zero

Nikola Zero is more like an adventure truck, with a light frame and a 50kWh battery. With a 520bhp engine, the truck can go up to 60 mph in 3 seconds. This kind of a vehicle is meant for rough and adventure terrains.

Sounds like fun? Well, you won’t have to wait much longer, because CEO Trevor Milton disclosed that a few prototypes will be seen rolling out soon.

Making America great again is now no more just a slogan. There shall be a lot more said before the wheels are out rolling. Just keep your eyes and ears open for more updates.

Source: Nikola Motor