Nike & Michael J. Fox raffle off Back To The Future shoes
Nike & Michael J. Fox raffle off Back To The Future shoes. Image credit: ilsitodellozoo.

Award-winning actor Michael J. Fox, who starred in the 80’s trilogy ‘Back To The Future,’ has set up a charity raffle for fans to win a pair of Nike’s self-lacing Mag shoes. One entry for this lottery costs $10.

All the earnings from the contest will go to the actor’s foundation for Parkinson’s disease research which has been up and running since the year 2000. Doctors diagnosed Fox with this condition in 1998, the year he made it public.

The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson Research currently works to “[ensure] the development of a cure for Parkinson’s disease within this decade,” according to their official website.

How to participate in the raffle?

Nike released an article announcing the lottery and describing the footwear. The gray-and-white, lights-filled shoes come from the original design pattern that appeared on Back To The Future II, in 1989.

Fans can purchase as many entries as they want, and a total of 89 limited-edition pairs are available as the winning prize. The 2016 Nike Mags will feature a system called Adaptive Fit. This technology is an upgrade of the Nike HyperADat 1.0, released earlier this spring.

Users can enter the online contest on the company’s official website, the Foundation’s website, or the Nike+ app. It started on October 4 and will end next Tuesday, October 11.

The official site also warned the majority of awarded pairs would be available for residents of the United States and Canada. Nike will announce and notify the winners on Monday, October 17.

Three extra pairs of Mags will be auctioned live at events in Hong Kong (October 11), London (October 14 and 17), and New York City (November 12). The last one will sell on a special benefit gala for Fox’s Foundation.

About the Fox Foundation 

The Foundation for Parkinson Research has become the largest non-profit company funding R&D to find a cure for Parkinsons. Its program includes scientists from all over the world and has raised more than $650 million in funding as of 2016.

Its official website has an online tool that helps patients find clinical trials, and consistently promotes awareness of the illness via outreach programs, events, and high-profile advocacy. Nike had already partnered with the foundation once for an auction of 1,500 pairs of Mag shoes in 2011, which raised $10 million in 10 days.

Source: Nike