Samsung is a leading manufacturer of electrical appliances around the World. Their refrigerators are known for their durability as well as efficacy. Recent technological implementations, as well as design advancements, have put Samsung in the forefront, as one of the most preferred manufacturers of household refrigerators, some that even compete with professional or restaurant grade cooling-appliances. Here are our top five new Samsung refrigerator 2016 picks.

If you’re looking to buy a new refrigerator, you could choose one from Samsung for as little as $1,600 or as much as $6,000. Each unit comes with a promise of its own and in individualist designs that will leave you spoiled for choice.

Samsung RH25H5611SR- Food Showcases Side-by Side


The Samsung RH25H5611SR is a brilliant buy, a cheaper variety of the more expensive Food-Showcase refrigerators by Samsung. The refrigerator retails at a price of $2,100, but is currently available online for $1,600.

The side-by-side refrigerator comes with a water/ice dispenser on the face of the left door and also with the newest door-in-door build. This means you can open your refrigerator door to expose only the racks across the door, instead of accessing the whole holding. The refrigeration section to the right comes with three bins to the bottom, three shelves above that, as well as four racks across the door.

The Samsung RH25H5611SR also outperforms other expensive Food-Showcase models by maintaining a temperature that is 5 degrees cooler than them in the bottom bin.

Samsung RF26HFENDSR- Twin door


Another affordable yet effective pick from Samsung is the RF26HFENDSR refrigerator. The fridge offers a total of 25.5 cubic-feet of storage space and comes with two refrigerator sections on the top (with 17.6 cubic-feet of space) and the freezer tray at the bottom (with 7.9 cubic-feet of space).

The Twin Cooling System maintains an even temperature across the refrigerator, which is available in a stainless steel make for a price of $1,700.

Samsung RF23J9011SR- French Door refrigerator


This four door refrigerator comes with the freezer at the bottom. With a water/ice dispenser on the front face of the left door, the unit is fashioned out of stainless steel and comes with a good Energy Star rating.

The refrigerator’s triple-cooling technology and a total of 22.5 cubic-feet of storage retail for a price of $3,999.

Samsung RF28JBEDBSG- Food-Showcase refrigerator


The Samsung RF28JBEDBSG refrigerator looks quite different from most others. It comes along with 2 French doors for that hold access to the refrigeration section with one shallow bin and a separate deep bin for the freezer section, both of which are accessible separately.

The refrigerator is available in black and stainless steel to choose from and offers 27.8 cubic-feet of storage space within, all for a price of $3,100.

Samsung RF34H9960S4- French Door refrigerator


Deemed as the ‘in-between’ product among high-end and ultra-high-end, the Samsung RF34H9960S4- French Door refrigerator is also known as the Chef Collection fridge.

The refrigerator costs a whopping $6,000 and comes in a stainless steel make with four doors.

Probably the largest and most spacious of Samsung’s refrigerators, this beauty boasts of 34 cubic-feet of storage space (19 of which is allotted for refrigeration). The front face houses a dispenser for either carbonated water/ sodas or ice.