NETGEAR's new Arlo Pro review
NETGEAR's new Arlo Pro review. Image credit: Amazon.

NETGEAR’s new Arlo Pro is the world’s first and so far only home security camera with wireless, ultra-wide, weatherproof, and rechargeable features. The Arlo Pro will make customers put home security cameras on their wish lists during the holidays.

Later this year, Smart Motion Recognition will further upgrade the Arlo. The feature will provide the camera with machine learning capabilities to distinguish people from animals and objects.

Having debuted on October 10, the NETGEAR Arlo Pro is set to make life easier for customers that want to monitor their entire home remotely. The United States home surveillance camera business is currently worth $400 million. NETGEAR has about 30%  of the market share, and with the Arlo Pro, Its dominance could increase.

The Arlo Pro’s smart siren should help lower the percentage of successful burglaries. NETGEAR Senior Product Manager Damir Skripic explained robberies happened every 14 seconds in the US.  Police officers respond in 10 minutes, but the average thief spends 6 minutes in a home.

NETGEAR Arlo Pro’s design and specs

Compact and attractive, the NETGEAR Arlo Pro needs little space to work whether inside or outside the house. Additionally, the camera’s low-power consumption router and rechargeable batteries provide long uninterrupted performance.

Featuring a 130-degree viewing angle, the Arlo Pro also includes two-way microphones to shout at trespassers pre-recorded warnings. 100% wire-free and weatherproof, customers can place the Arlo Pro wherever they want and under any weather. They can plug it in, too.

Burglars will not even stand a chance in the night as the camera comes equipped with night vision and an infrared motion sensor. Owners will be able to watch recordings and livestream them in HD quality.

NETGEAR Arlo Pro subscription plans, release date and price

NETGEAR Arlo Pro basic bundle. Image credit: Arlo/TheUSBPort.

The Arlo Pro Systems released on October 10 with a $250 starting price for a base station and one camera. Customers can purchase the Arlo Pro Add-on Cameras for $190. They will have to spend $420 in a two-camera system, while three cameras cost $580.

The Arlo Pro accessories include a $60 Arlo Pro Charging Station for $60, a $50 Arlo Pro Rechargeable Battery for $50, and an Arlo Pro Skin for $25. The latter is what makes the camera weatherproof. NETGEAR  sells all three accessories separately.

Source: Arlo by NETGEAR