Netflix's Amanda Knox documentary, is she guilty or not
Netflix's Amanda Knox documentary, is she guilty or not? Image credit: News4jax.

September 30 marks Netflix’s release of a documentary covering the 2007 murder of British national Meredith Kercher in Perugia, Italy. The directors of the film worked with Amanda Knox who gave them exclusive information about the case.

The movie was directed by Rod Blackhurst (known for the shorts films ‘Night Swim’, ‘Alone Time’ and the 2016 horror feature ‘Here Alone’) and Brian MgGinn (Netflix’s ‘Chef’s Table’ and ‘Ferrell Takes the Field’). Writing credits are shared between McGinn and Matthew Hamachek (‘Cartel Land’, ‘The One Percent’).

Netflix launched a final trailer earlier this week which reveals the documentary will feature Amanda’s ex-boyfriend, Raffaele Soticello. Both of them were dually convicted and later acquitted of all charges by an Italian court.

Netflix’s Amanda Knox trailers 

Three weeks ago, Netflix released a set of two trailers for ‘Amanda Knox,’ ‘Believe Her’ and ‘Suspect Her.’ The twin videos intended to show the two sides of Knox’s story, the one that claims her guilt and the one that defends her innocence.

It puts the case’s conflictive narratives into the spotlight, looking for spectators to draw their conclusions.

Though both trailers have not yet reached a million views, a big hype was generated for the release of this documentary. The murder of Meredith Kercher has only been adapted for the big screen once before, in the 2011 movie ‘Amanda Knox: Murder on Trial in Italy,’ where Hayden Panettiere portrayed Knox.

Blackhurst says the media distorted the events 

Amanda Knox and Raffaele Soticello had only met for a week before the murder took place, a fact that once tied to the drug use and sexual implications revealed by their first statements to the police turned Knox into a sex-crazed drug addict sociopath in the public eye. She later became known in the media by the moniker ‘Foxy Knoxy’.

Prosecutor Giuliano Mignini, who was also interviewed for the film, is still convinced that both Soticello and Knox murdered Kercher when she found them engaging in a sort of sexual arrangement with Rudy Guede, the third suspect who was eventually convicted and is now in prison for this crime.

Prosecutor Giuliano Mignini still thinks Amanda Knox killed Meredith Kercher.
Prosecutor Giuliano Mignini still thinks Amanda Knox killed Meredith Kercher. Image credit: Zimbio.

This point is crucial for the drama surrounding the new documentary, as all of these allegations were greatly exaggerated by the press and produced a media circus that changed all of the characters involved (including Giuliani).

They were all turned into “entertaining and salacious headlines,” by the newspapers and TV channels according to Blackhurst, who wanted to show “who these people actually were as individuals.”

‘Amanda Knox’ aired on September 30, and it has a 91% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Source: People