Chris Rock will return with 2 stand-up specials in 2017.
Chris Rock will return with 2 stand-up specials in 2017. Image credit: The Independant.

The 51-year-old comedian Chris Rock, who has been on hiatus from the scene for a few years, will receive a huge payout for two stand-up shows that will be released in 2017, according to an article published yesterday by The Hollywood Reporter.

The two stand-up comedy specials will air in 2017 and follow a world tour headlined by Rock, still in the works. Neither Netflix nor Rock has announced any filming or release dates.

Lisa Nishimura, VP of Original Documentary and Comedy at Netflix, stated the streaming platform was in the process of becoming a premium station for stand-up comedy shows. She highlighted Netflix’s ample roster of comedic genres which cover a wide variety of styles and serve more than 190 countries around the world.

Nishimura added Netflix offered something new and distinctive for every comedy fan and that the comedians who work with the company understand the benefits of appealing directly to audiences. Their first Emmy award for comedy, brought by Patton Oswalt, signals the perfect moment to “take things to the next level” with Rock, she concluded.

“CHRIS ROCK IS A BELOVED ACTOR AND DIRECTOR, AND HIS REMARKABLE STAND-UP MAKES HIM COMIC ROYALTY,” said Ted Sarandos, Netflix’s Chief Content Officer, in a statement on Thursday.

The comedian stated he was euphoric to work with Ted, Lisa and everybody at Netflix and that he could not wait to get back on stage, according to THR.

The $40 million budget sets a new record for stand-up shows

The $40 million price tag for the two shows, both of them roughly clocking about three hours of work by Rock, have surpassed profits made by other prominent industry leaders, such as Louis C. K., Jerry Seinfeld, and Amy Schumer.

Many TV personalities and comedy colleagues, such as Mindy Kaling (The Office) took to social media to express their awe and congratulate Rock.

An article (with slideshow) from Forbes Magazine, published last month, introduced the top-ten highest-paid comedians in 2016, with the top three being Terry Fator ($21 million), Jerry Seinfeld ($43.5 million), and Kevin Hart ($87.5 million).

The report, however, represented their earning during a cumulative period that spanned from mid-2015 to mid-2016. What the listed comedians have earned comes from their touring mostly, which means an average of 15 to 20 shows to get to the numbers mentioned above.

Chris Rock’s new Netflix deal will net him almost what Seinfeld made (and half of what Hart made) on this period with just two shows.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter