Nest’s landmark offering for smart homes is its Learning Thermostat. Image Source

Bloomberg reported this Wednesday that Nest is working on new products set to launch between this year and 2018. An insider source says the company is developing a cheaper smart thermostat and a home security alarm system.

The nest is one of the many firms owned by Alphabet, Google’s parent company. The tech giant acquired the smart home startup in 2014 for $3.2 billion, and it has since struggled a little with the release of new products.

The Palo Alto-based company recently announced the addition of two-factor authentication for user accounts, preventing thieves to access and control the settings of your connected devices even if they somehow figure out your password.

Nest Aware subscribers can now record short videos with their outdoor or indoor cameras as well. Image Source: TechCrunch

Nest will launch a cheaper version of its hit Learning Thermostat in 2018

Nest’s landmark offering for smart homes is its Learning Thermostat. At $249, the temperature tracker and regulator is not exactly cheap, especially when compared to more traditional options.

Now, someone familiar with the in-house product roadmap at Nest says there is a cheaper variant coming to the market as soon as next year. This product would shave at least $50 off the original price, leaving the final price tag under $200.

This Learning Thermostat would have the same features as the original, complete with mobile app compatibility and the signature material design. The only difference would be the fundamental components and the metal casing.

The budget version could reportedly be made out of plastic and come in more colors than the four currently offered for the flagship model. The $249 thermostat comes in plain stainless still, black, white, and copper.

Image Source: Nest

Apart from that, Bloomberg’s source said that next-gen thermostats by Nest would gain the ability to control proper room temperature instead of entire living spaces. This feature may come in both versions of the product upon launch in 2018.

Nest could start a new smart alarm system this year

Among other Nest products reportedly in the works, there is a home security system. This system will be like a traditional alarm system, complete with multiple sensors to place around the house and a master keypad to activate and deactivate the alarms.

The innovative twist is that this security solution will take advantage of Nest’s mobile app. With a smartphone, homeowners can grant access to certain individuals into their houses without triggering any alarms after a verification process.

This would mark a huge step forward in the industry, bridging an everlasting gap left by home security firms who can’t quite tap into the issue of who gets to do what or who gets to enter where. The system is scheduled to ship later this year.

Recently, several door lock makers announced a partnership with Amazon to support Alexa integration within their products. As an Alphabet subsidiary, Nest offerings are compatible only with the Google Home Hub by now.

Source: Bloomberg