Google's Nest revealed new products of its smart home security catalog, including a home alarm kit, outdoor surveillance cam, and video doorbell. Image: Nest.

On Wednesday, Nest expanded its home security lineup with three new products: the Nest Secure, Nest Hello, and Nest Cam IQ Outdoor. The Secure is the Google-owned company’s take on alarm systems, while the Hello is a video doorbell and the Cam IQ Outdoor is the garden version of the smart surveillance camera.

The new Nest Cam IQ Outdoor is the only one of these devices launching today, but you can preorder the Nest Secure now as well. The home alarm system will start shipping in November, while the Nest Hello will debut worldwide in 2018.

As of now, the Nest catalog is missing only a door lock, but the company taps the Linus Lock on their official site in the meantime. Reports from earlier in the year suggest there is nothing left to unveil for now, but it wouldn’t be surprising if the home security firm develops a smart door lock for next year.

Nest Secure – $499

Nest Secure is a home alarm kit composed of three devices: the Nest Guard, the Nest Tag, and the Nest Detect. Together, they work to make the home alarm experience centered on the people living in the house, instead of on the intruders that might threaten your security.

The Nest Guard is the central console from which homeowners can control their home security. It has a traditional keypad on which you can enter your passcode to silence the alarm, a motion sensor, and a LED light ring a la Amazon Echo as well as voice notifications.

The Nest Tags are the company’s solution for a truly user-centric experience. Just tap on the Guard with your Tag and you’re in the clear to enter or leave your house, letting Nest know you have returned or will be away so it can stay alert or calm down a little.

Finally, the Nest Detect is a battery-powered sensor array that you can plug to walls, doors, and windows to detect both motion and opening or closing activities. The full Nest Secure kit includes one Guard, two Tags, and two Detects for $499. Additional Detects cost $59 each and more Tags cost $25 each.

Nest Hello – TBD

The Nest Hello is a simple yet effective concept. It is a smart doorbell for your home equipped with an HD camera, capable of recognizing people and alerting you even if they don’t actually knock.

Through your smartphone, you can see who’s at the door and answer them to let them know you’re coming using the Hello’s HD Talk and Listen functions. It also supports smart alerts that notify you of people near your door, like delivery people, mailmen, and even potential thieves. Nest has yet to say how much it will cost.

Nest Cam IQ Outdoor – $349

Finally, the Nest Cam IQ Outdoor is the inevitable addition to the company’s security catalog. For $349, you will get the same smarts available to you in your living room with the standard Cam IQ, except looking over your lawn, dark corners of your porch, or even above the door.

Supersight makes sure that images and footage captured by the Cam IQ Outdoor don’t miss on the details, and close-up tracking view automatically follows suspicious activity within its line of sight. However, only the indoor version of the Cam will be getting Google Assistant support, according to Nest.

Source: Nest