Neil deGrasse Tyson angry
Neil deGrasase Tyson attacks the newly proposed Federal Budget. Image credit: Imgur.

Neil deGrasse Tyson took to Twitter on Sunday morning to rant at President Donald Trump for the budget cuts he announced for 2018. The astrophysicist claims the new administration will make America weak, sick, and stupid.

Mr. Tyson, like many others, reacted negatively to the new President’s financial plan. The forecast contemplates cuts to science, health, education, arts, and even social sectors that left a vocal segment of the population open-mouthed.

The United States political scene is heating up not only for the president’s questionable choices but also because of new revelations courtesy of the FBI. Director James Comey testified in a hearing this morning to address Trump’s wiretapping claims, saying there was no proof of such thing, and that they were investigating his links to Russia.

Tyson makes a case to Make America Smart Again

Sunday morning’s tweeting spree began with a passive-aggressive shout-out to all the sectors of the U.S. to truly make them great in the eyes of Tyson.

2018’s budget is set to cut down funds for science initiatives, national health institutes, education programs, and even art. Trump is also turning a blind eye on climate change and spending ludicrous amounts on the military and a healthcare reform many deem unnecessary.

President Trump, who has been on the receiving end of several jokes over the last couple of months for his inappropriate use of Twitter, has yet to respond to Tyson’s storm of messages with his own posts. The White House has not responded to requests for comment.

What happens if Trump’s budget proposal passes? 

Cutting the budget for environmental agencies and organisms in charge of weather tracking will have a significant impact on research and development projects that seek to combat the effects of climate change.

Senior citizens, for example, will feel a more tangible change in their lives after funds for platforms like Meals on Wheels stop coming through, affecting thousands of them who depend on the program to receive both food and company.

All in all, Trump slashed $54 billion from federal institutions. The Environmental Protection Agency took the biggest hit, with a proposal that cuts down nearly a third of its budget. The State and Labor Departments come close with 28.7% and 20.7% of funds gone by next year.

Source: Twitter