NASA releases 56 patents free

NASA opens up its vault consisting of more than 50 previously patented technologies that could be adopted and used by investors to Spur America’s economy.

The space agency has released 56 formerly – patented technologies into the public domain and making it freely available for commercial use.

Apart from it, a searchable database is also available that has thousands of expired NASA patents which are already in the public domain.


These technologies which include advanced manufacturing processes, rocket nozzles, thrusters, sensors, propulsion method and much more, were developed to advance NASA mission.

But they have non – aerospace applications so that they can be used bt commercial space ventures and other companies free of charge.this can save time, paperwork and often associate with licensing intellectual property.

Daniel Lockney, Transfer Program Executive, NASA said, “by making these technologies available in public domain, we are encouraging entrepreneurs to explores new ways to commercialise NASA technologies.

At the same time he says, a serious consideration goes into deciding which technologies to release for public.

The official explained how the NASA officials using a rigorous review process, during which the decision makers looked for technologies that offer the potential for high unit values.

They also consider the technology likely to be licensed by outside companies because of weak demand for resulting products, or the technology still required significant development before it is marketable.”

NASA has a long tradition of extending the benefits of its research and development into the public sector, and patent release is the latest step in that direction.

This opening of vault may help familiarise commercial space companies with NASA capabilities and which may result in new collaboration with private industries.