ISS captures UFO hovering Earth.
ISS captures UFO hovering Earth. Image credit: UFO Sightings Daily.

A video uploaded to YouTube by user ‘Streetcap1‘ shows a blue orb hovering around the surface of the planet. The footage came from the International Space Station‘s live streaming feed, and it is dated September 30. Streetcap1 uploaded the video that same day.

The user states the UFO is brighter on the left side because of the Sun’s light, a fact that confirms it to be a separate object floating in space and not lens flare for the ISS camera. Lens flare is a phenomenon that happens when unwanted light reflects itself on a recording device.

The video has already amassed more than 200,000 views and shows the feed cutting to a blue screen. The glowing orb has no recognizable shape and does not move through the duration of the video.

NASA’s UStream page for the ISS feed is still up and running today. Previous instances in which the stream has been abruptly cut off include another video posted on Youtube on July 9, also by ‘Streetcap1’. Their channel has more than 40,000 subscribers and 27 million views.

ISS’ streaming feed has provided many unexplainable videos

UFO Sightings Daily, a famous internet blog that has appeared as a source in various news websites and TV shows like History’s ‘Ancient Aliens’ published a short article on October 1.

The glowing object “appears far away, but it is not. It is actually very close to the space station, but higher up, so it seems distant”, wrote Scott Waring, Astrobiologist, in the article.

Live feed from the ISS was also cut in April of this year when another object was seen near the Earth’s surface. Youtube channel SecureTeam10 uploaded a video that has now more than a million views. Tyler Glockner says on the video the UFO is ‘maneuvering’ and that its shape resembles that of a triangle or a horseshoe.

Another video from the same source, published in June, was found by an unnamed user who checked the ISS uploaded live feed videos. It shows a round-shaped object surrounded by white light that briefly appears behind the station, illuminating the space around it.

Glockner that the object “comes directly up out of nowhere, out of the darkness of space” and that later the viewer can see how “just before it disappears, some red lights shining on the ISS.”

Source: Inquisitr