Mobile Phone Accessories

Modern mobile devices are powerful on their own, but they’re at their best when paired with the right accessories. Naturally, you’ll want to grab basics like a screen protector and a case for your smartphone or tablet. If you go beyond that, however, you’ll find that the right accessories can transform your mobile device experience by keeping you connected and expanding what your device itself can do.

A stylus

Tired of “fat-fingering” your way to incorrect input options, messed-up phone numbers, and the wrong apps to open? Want to get more out of your tablet or smartphone and be able to use it for precise tasks like drafting or the creation of digital art?

There are a lot of stylus options available on the market, from the proprietary and pricey Apple pencil to simple and cheap devices that you can grab at your local drug store. Find one that suits your priorities and your price range, and start getting a little more out of your smart device.

A stylus also makes an excellent gift for older loved ones; even a cheap stylus can help less tech-savvy users have an easier time navigating touch screens without inadvertent or imprecise touches and the confusion that comes with them.

A signal booster

Smartphones are incredible things, but they’re only as good as the connections they maintain with the internet and wireless cellular networks. And if you’re finding that your own home is a cellular service dead zone, then you’re going to be very frustrated indeed.

Fortunately, you don’t have to live in this world of “searching for signals” forever. All you have to do to get a better cell phone signal is to go out and buy a cell phone booster. Such devices amplify the signals between your phone and the cellular network, ensuring that you always have the ability to receive calls and texts when you’re at home.

A virtual reality headset

There are few things in tech that are as exciting and as cutting-edge as virtual reality is. And, happily, many virtual reality headsets play nice with mobile devices — making the best virtual reality headsets some of the best mobile device accessories, too.

And you can also use your phone as your VR headset, in many cases. To do this, you’ll just need a phone with the right capabilities and a headset that will hold your phone in place in front of your eyes. This is a relatively affordable way to experience virtual reality, which makes it a must-have accessory for mobile device fans.

A smartwatch

A smartwatch isn’t just a mobile device accessory, of course — it’s very much its own device, too, and a great one at that. Modern smartwatches can run all kinds of apps and keep track of everything from your heart rate to your work emails.

But what makes smartwatches such cool things to pair with mobile devices is the way in which they can use platforms and apps to sync information between your wearable tech and your handheld tech. Take Apple’s Apple Watch, for instance — you can run apps on it and have them sync everything with the same apps on your smartphone. You can even glance at text messages and take calls through the watch without having to actually pick up your iPhone. Talk about the ultimate accessory!

These are a few mobile device accessories you should add to your current smartphone or tablet setup to get more out of your favorite devices and apps.