Motorola Baby Monitors will be very useful if you would like to regularly monitor your baby wirelessly. These devices simplify the method used to communicate with babies. In this article, we will explore the best Motorola baby monitors.

Motorola MBP36S

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Motorola MBP36S features a 3.5-inch LCD video display, remote camera pan, title and zoom functionalities.

The monitor offers two-way audio functionality, which enables you to communicate effectively, including an infrared night vision for clear viewing in low lighting conditions. With the help of multiple camera features, you will be able to add additional cameras, which enable you to monitor up to four rooms inside your home.

Integrated with a large 2.4GHz FHSS technology, the MBP36S provides an enhanced wireless connectivity and prevents drops in the connection due to a signal problem. The monitor includes an integrated encrypted audio to add additional security.

Featured with an enhanced two-way audio, the Motorola MBP36S allows you to speak and sing with your baby in addition to communicating with a person located in another room. The baby monitor also ships with five LEDs to indicate and analyze the level of sound activity.

The Motorola MBP36S is available on Amazon for $152.

Motorola MBP27T


Motorola MBP27T, a budget baby monitor ships with a 2.4-inch diagonal color screen, infrared night vision, touchless thermometer and offers a range of up to 300 meters. You will be able to monitor baby’s activities without turning on the lights via Infrared vision. The camera includes LEDs, which indicate the level of sound activity in the room.

Equipped with no-touch temperature sensor, the MBP27T monitor enables you to quickly monitor your baby’s fever, including the ability to regulate the temperature of food and water. Ensure that your infant won’t be able to access the device.

All this happens wirelessly without any human interaction. You will be able to make use of the camera to pan and title the video as per your requirement.

The Motorola MBP27T is available on Amazon for $80.

Motorola MBP41

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Motorola MBP41 sports a 2.8-inch color display with support for infrared night vision, camera pan, title and zoom functionalities. The monitor also includes support for night vision with the ability turn on and off the facility. You will be able to communicate two-way using the device with secured encrypted data.

With alarm functionality, the MBP41 provide support for up to 4 cameras. The MBP 41 is very affordable for normal users, since it packs a wide range of new features solely found in advanced monitors.

The Motorola MBP41 is available on Amazon for $115.