Motorola and Lenovo introduce six new Moto Mods!

On Monday, Motorola announced six different Moto Mods devices for its lineup of Moto Z smartphones. The latest series of modular magnetic clip-ons includes a 360 camera, a speaker and microphone by Marshall, and even a DirecTV stick you can use to stream video.

The announcement was made by Motorola and Lenovo at an event in partnership with Marshall in Ghana, sponsored also by MTN, one of the biggest carriers of the African country.

Modular phones have transcended the drawing board nowadays, and Motorola is leading the charge with its set of Moto Mods. Andy Rubin’s Essential Phone will presumably have a similar approach, complete with 360 Camera straight out of the box.

Moto 360 Camera Mod

Briefly showcased during the introduction of the Moto Z to the Ghanaian market, the Moto 360 Camera Mod is a slick white slab that attaches to the back of the phone and has two fisheye lenses that together shoot video in 360.

Evan Blass leaked a high-quality render of the Moto 360 Camera Mod shortly after its introduction at the show. The name has caused some confusion among fans of the brand who thought this was a new smart watch of the 360 lineups.

Moto ROKR Mod

The ROKR moniker is back from the dead, and this time over it brings a super speaker in collaboration with Marshall. The rather bumpy ROKR Mod was also part of the presentation, although the video that shows it has since been taken down.

This new Moto Mod will compete with the JBL SoundBoost 2 mod for market dominance. While the second one has a locked partnership with Verizon and the Moto Z2, the first one comes with additional features like external audio inputs.

Moto Studio Mod

Also from Marshall, the Moto Studio Mod is a high-quality microphone presumably for recording hi-fi music or voice. It is barely noticeable in contrast to other mods since it also sticks out a little on the top but not too much like the 360 Camera Mod.

Moto DirecTV Mod

One of the weirdest of the bunch, the DirecTV Mod will allegedly allow users to stream video from the broadcast giant by plugging in a stick on the removable clip-on cover. The mod itself has only an HDMI port to support the stick.

Moto DSLR Mod

On the other hand, the DSLR Mod was a rather interesting product unveiled at the event, showing how Moto Z phones could gain professional photography features in the form of lenses and additional buttons to complete the experience.

The Moto Mods lineup already has a camera-enhancing add-on in the Hasselblad mod, but this yet unspecified device promises to have interchangeable lenses and everything if it ever makes it into production.

Moto Action Mod

Finally, Motorola unveiled an Action Mod that looks like the phone maker’s response to GoPro camera users. It has presumably similar features and it is focused on sports and outdoor activities, so it is likely that it emphasizes sturdiness and stabilized HD video above all else.

Source: Techdroider