Moto Z2 Force leaked image
Image: Android Authority.

Android Authority and OnLeaks managed to get their hands on an exclusive 360-degree video of the upcoming Moto Z2 Force and several render images over the weekend. Evan Blass then confirmed T-Mobile will now carry the phone too besides Verizon.

The leak follows a set of low-quality images that surfaced last week. Lenovo’s latest super resistant handset will bring back the headphone jack to the lineup after dropping it last year.

The Japanese giant followed Apple’s lead but now seems to be backtracking on that decision. However, the company is doubling down on Moto Mods, the most interesting feature of the Moto Z family.

Lenovo recently committed to releasing at least 12 new modular attachments per year for the next three years.

The Moto Z2 Force will bring back the 3.5-mm jack

Judging by the leaked renders, there will be no significant design differences between generations of the Moto Z Force. The most notable feature returning this time over, though, seems to be the headphone jack.

Ironically, including this port has not made the phone any thicker. If anything it has made it slimmer, now standing at 5.99 mm thick or 8.50 mm accounting for the camera bump. That’s one full millimeter less than the original Moto Z Force.

Lenovo is reviving the port at the bottom of the Z2 Force, right next to the USB-C entry. Other than that, the phone is a little bit bigger than its predecessor and the home button with an embedded fingerprint scanner is now more rounded on the edges.

Processing power will come courtesy of Qualcomm in the form of a Snapdragon 835 SoC according to rumors, and the signature shatterproof display of the Force lineup will once again be 5.5 inches tall.

Android Authority reports a design detail noticeable only to the trained eye: a band that goes all around the device and allegedly brings Cat 16 download support to its network.

This very fast connectivity offer will no longer be bound to Verizon only, said Evan Blass on Sunday via Twitter. Other carriers will reportedly sell the Moto Z2 Force as well, most notably T-Mobile.

More Moto Mods will be available for Moto devices this year

The Moto Z2 Force also sports another cool feature on the back: the signature magnetic strip that allows Moto Mods peripherals to connect seamlessly to this family of devices.

Lenovo fans were thrilled to learn that the company denied plans to abandon the peculiar program, confirming they have at least 12 new modules slated for release this year alone. More mods will come over the next two years.

Moto Mods are perhaps the most established modular offering out there right now. Ideas and devices range from game controllers and projectors to camera enhancements, solar battery packs, and stereo speakers.

Source: Android Authority