Images and specs of the upcoming Moto X 4th generation surfaced on the web via the popular leaker, Evleaks, and HelloMotoHKbringing new Moto X 4th Gen rumors, regarding its price, specs and release date.

Upon inspection of the images, we found out that the device features an all-metal design, an extra-large camera sensor including a somewhat big fingerprint sensor.

Moreover, there are grills on the bottom of the rear panel, which most likely signifies to be that of speakers.

Design and Looks


According to reports, Lenovo will have a substantial investment and role in the upcoming Moto X smartphone.

The Motorola branded devices usually comes with a plastic body. However, few smartphones are manufactured with leather, rubber silicone, or even wood, and supplied as optional back covers. We expect that the all-metal design will be as a result of the contribution from Lenovo.

While eight speaker grills on the left side of the rear feature big holes, the remaining eight ones on the right side are somewhat smaller. The integration of a unique DTS sound system is quite feasible too, and for that purpose, speaker grills are drilled to provide higher sound quality.

There is also a separator between two sides of the speaker grills but we cannot really say whether it forms part of the speaker or not.kB1469Hp

Camera and Extra Features

Watermarked with Moto tag, Moto X 4th generation is expected to feature a big camera sensor. Even though the lens looks small inside, we hope that the device packs with a big LED flash to capture accurate images.


The fingerprint sensor, meanwhile, is placed in the middle of the rear side with two arrows upwards featuring Verizon checkmark. From what is visible in the leaked image, we can infer that the fingerprint scanner is expected to feature a wide range of features like capturing selfies and unlocking the device.

Images of the upcoming Moto X 4th gen leaked in 2015 also featured two volume up/down metal buttons including power/sleep key.

Specs and Release Date


On the specifications front, we don’t have any precise information at this point of time, but the Moto X 4th gen is expected to run on Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, accompanied by 3GB of RAM.

In all probability, Motorola is expected to release Moto X 4th generation in July with a launch event set to take place by the end of June.