Mike Judge & Ethan Cohen make Idiocracy ads to mock Donald Trump
Mike Judge & Ethan Cohen make Idiocracy ads to mock Donald Trump. Image credit: QA Reelz.

Mike Judge was surprised of how close to reality his movie Idiocracy is. It all started when back in February, Idiocracy’s screenwriter,  Etan Cohen wrote a tweet about how the film was becoming real. There were also rumors saying Judge was going to release some ads to criticize Donald Trump using the movie’s content.

Idiocracy is a movie based on the premise that the world is getting dumber and dumber. Joe Bauers is the most average guy on the armed forces. Bauers is selected by the Pentagon for a top-secret hibernation program. He awakens 500 years later after being forgotten by the government, but things have changed a lot. 

The society has become so dumb that Bauers is probably the smartest person on the planet. The movie explains the overall IQ went down because non-intelligent people had too many children.

Mike Judge compared Idiocracy to real life 

On the movie, there is a scene featuring a Carl’s Jr. automated kiosk that doesn’t work, while on the real life Andy Puzder, CEO of Carl’s Jr, said he wanted to try employee-free restaurants due to the rising of the minimum wage across the United States. 

Judge also compared the new coffee shop that will open by the end of this year at Geneva which will offer oral sex for about 60$ to Idiocracy’s Starbucks which also provides a sexual menu.

Lastly, Judge compared President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho who is a wrestling star to the Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump,  who was has appeared on some WWE shows.

Mike Judge and Etan Cohen wanted to use the movie to mock Donald Trump

Mike Judge Along with Etan Cohen wanted to produce some ads.  The ads were going to feature President Camacho and Donald Trump because, according to them,  President Camacho’s speech resembles Trump’s populism idea. 

The project was abandoned after the studio holding the rights to Idiocracy did not agree with the ads. Judge told The Daily Beast  they needed 20th Century Fox to approve the rights to the parody ads, but the company refused for political reason.

“I didn’t want Idiocracy to get popular by the world getting stupider faster…I guess I was 450 years off! But yeah, it’s a tad bit scary!” Said Judge on an interview with The Daily Beast.

Mike Judge is currently working on HBO’s Show Silicon Valley.

Source: The Daily Beast