Microsoft released Windows 10 with a built-in default browser, the Edge, and really draw everyone’s attention with the presentations, even calling the app a modern rival of Firefox and Google Chrome, that can replace the Internet Explorer and win the heart of every user around the world.

On paper, Edge is truly a very attractive internet browsing software, with a bunch of useful, fun and pretty innovative features that would make almost anyone want to try it out.

But in reality, this doesn’t seem to have enough of the basic features and obviously it needs many improvements both on desktops and tablets. Some of those enhancements are expected to be released pretty soon, according to the company.

However, for the time being, Edge is not the most preferred choice for those who install the Windows 10 and it is definitely not ready to take on Google Chrome or Firefox.

In fact, according to StatCounter’s Global Stats, Internet Explorer 11 is the second most used browser with a percentage of 10.89%, with Chrome 44.0 being first (44.48%). There are 12 desktop browsers on the same chart and Edge is seen in none of those places- though it is too early to judge.

Basically, the reason that Microsoft is facing such a hard time with Edge is because this browser lacks some of the most vital features that all other opponent browsers already have.

Of course the company promised to change that during the next updates.- and that is where Microsoft has a good advantage. Given that Edge is part of the Windows 10 as a built-in app, and the fact that the company plans to release often updates -as it has already done- it will be easy to improve the browser by a lot at a very short notice.

Most improvements are expected to be seen on the cumulative update that Windows 10 users will receive in October. Along with this package, Microsoft will also bring extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

Only time will show whether Edge will manage to make it better than Internet Explorer. Until then, the only certain thing is that Microsoft still has a lot way to go.