Microsoft's Surface Book and Surface Pro, all-in-one PC will add another device to its latest flaghip, the Surface Phone. Image Source: Digital Trends

Microsoft’s ongoing effort to develop a cutting-edge personal suite became a reality when they released the Surface Studio, and now they are looking to complete the cycle with the upcoming release of a Surface Phone whose features are under widespread speculation.

The company allegedly gave the nickname ‘Panos’ Phone to this device, most likely referring to Microsoft’s chief of Surface development, Panos Panay. The Surface Phone would be the last piece of the Surface Studio and a flagship replacement for the Nokia-owned Lumia brand.

A new report states that leaked insider information has pointed to more than one prototype for the Surface Phone currently in development at Microsoft. The device has no scheduled release date and, by all means, it’s still just a rumor. Nonetheless, some sources point to a likely 2017 announcement.

The Surface Phone will run Snapdragon 835, among other features

A Qualcomm processor, model Snapdragon 835, currently poses as the possible option for the Surface Phone. The OS for the prototypes will be Windows 10 Mobile, according to the report, and one of them contains 6GB RAM. Their architecture is 64-bit.

The 6GB prototype is reportedly running x86 apps with the help of Microsoft’s trademark Continuum connectivity. The phone cannot run the heavy x86 apps by itself, only install them. Continuum capability is what gives it the ability to execute them.

Another prototype, with 4GB RAM and the same Snapdragon processor, can’t run x86 apps in Continuum. Sources name the possibility of this being a possible budget variant or merely just another spec testing.

Microsoft's Surface Phone specs revealed. Image Source: The Country Caller
Microsoft’s Surface Phone specs revealed. Image Source: The Country Caller

There is also a reported Laptop Accessory that would allow the Surface Phone to become sort of a 3-in-1 device, phone, laptop, and tablet.  Rumor has it that prototypes will come with a 5.5″ QHD display, but this is only an educated guess from the source.

The Phone could also signal the coming of a new Redstone update for Windows

The prototype phones are currently running a Windows 10 version designed for another branch of Windows Phones. Sources point, however, to another recent leak which revealed that Windows’ Redstone 3 update would be much bigger than Redstone 2.

The coming of Redstone 3 could mean an entirely new OS for the Surface Phone. Earlier leaks have pointed to mobile technology as the Redstone 3 update’s primary concern.

Sources confirmed in the latest report the delay of the Surface Phone’s release. It will now come, most likely, in late 2017, as stated above.

Source: Nokia Power User