Microsoft is reportedly working on its own ergonomic keyboard as well. Image Source: Yanko Design

First Apple, then Google, now Microsoft. The tech giant founded by Bill Gates is reportedly preparing for the launch of an all-new, all-in-one Surface PC during their big October 26th event. Rumors seem to point out that the Surface PC will be the highlight of the morning, with minor hardware announcements also expected.

The news comes nearing ever since early September when several outlets started reporting that a PC under the Surface brand of Microsoft could show up the following month. Microsoft helped spark fans’ hype with its cryptic invitation, which reads only “Imagine what you will do” over a picture of space with broad windows overlooking the city of New York.

Microsoft emphasizes on the invite that those in attendance at New York City and tuning into the livestream will join the company “to see what’s next for Windows 10.” Tech enthusiasts await hardware unveilings the most.

Microsoft Surface PC will bring a new Surface Keyboard and Mouse

Although people know next to nothing about the upcoming Surface PC, regulations and formalities have made the job easy for tech whistle-blowers looking for the latest developments in the industry.

Microsoft filed patents for several Surface devices back in August, including a Bluetooth Surface Keyboard and Mouse. Both of the accessories could be reasonably sold as standalone peripherals for other existing Surface devices, but the first thing that comes to mind is, of course, a PC.

Why else would people need a keyboard and a mouse with the hybrid, touch-enabled Surface 3 and Surface Pro 4? The two of them come with a detachable keyboard and stylus, whereas the Surface Book is arguably missing a couple of components to be considered a full-fledged PC.

Microsoft is reportedly working on its own ergonomic keyboard as well. Image Source: PC Support
Microsoft is reportedly working on its ergonomic keyboard as well. Image Source: PC Support

Further filings to the FCC show concept art for what could be the Microsoft Surface PC

The raw drawings show only the monitor of a desktop computer. This further confirms the rumors of the Surface PC being an all-in-one computer and that the Keyboard and Mouse are accessories for it.

The drawings depict a desktop computer with a flexible base, inevitably reminiscent of Apple’s iMac. However, the difference here lies in how low the base goes, as the illustrations show the computer laying flat on its back, possibly for stylus use like all the other Surface brand devices.

Further rumors suggest the Surface PC will share more traits with other flagship members of Microsoft Surface series, most notably a touch-enabled, PixelSense display like the one on the Surface Book. Reports also claim Microsoft will offer three screen size alternatives for the PC: 21, 24, and 27 inches.

Allegedly, Microsoft’s Surface PC will also be a modular concept, meaning that, unlike Apple’s iMac, users can upgrade their desktops specs if they wish to do so. Details of specs and pricing are still unknown, but the public can be confident that Microsoft’s 21-inch model will be at least above the $1,499 mark for the Surface Book.

All that remains is waiting until October 26 to find out more about the future of Windows 10, and hopefully getting a closer look at the first all-in-one PC by Microsoft.

Source: The Verge