Meet Microsoft StaffHub.
Meet Microsoft StaffHub. Image: StaffHub.

On Thursday, Microsoft launched StaffHub, an app aimed at the workforce of today. Managers and staff workers can access the application both on mobile devices and computers, and it is readily available for free download to Office 365 subscribers.

The release of StaffHub further enriches the Office 365 software ecosystem, which already provides integration with other corporate solutions like Microsoft’s Office Suite, Yammer, Skype for Business, and OneDrive cloud storage.

Microsoft is strengthening its presence as the global leader in business-oriented software services by also thinking about the non-traditional workers that are always on the go and can rarely check a computer.

Managers of small and big businesses can schedule and manage teams through the app or the official StaffHub site only if they are signed up for one of Office 365’s Enterprise plans.

Microsoft StaffHub makes planning easy for managers

Microsoft-StaffHub-sample. Image: Microsoft.


The new StaffHub app provides team managers with a centralized control room for easy scheduling, shift swapping, messaging and sharing.

Staff workers no longer need to punch-in a clock at an office they are never at. With StaffHub, they can acknowledge their shift through the app and message their boss if something comes up.

Moreover, every team member can check other people’s schedules on StaffHub, making it easy to see in advance who is available and coordinate tasks.

On top of that, communications are enabled in all directions with support for group messages and private chats between the manager and the workforce and between staff members.

StaffHub also supports document sharing and viewing within the app so that employees can check any company guidelines, pop material, or other files at all times.

Microsoft is releasing the scheduling app with Kronos support, a similar workforce management service based on the cloud. The system will be available only to a limited number of mutual subscribers.

Microsoft StaffHub: Price and availability

Microsoft StaffHub is out for desktop and mobile users on both Android and iOS platforms through a free app.

To access and use the app, managers need to be enrolled in one of Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise plans, and members of staff need an Office 365 account.

K1, E1, E3, and E5 plans are currently the ones with integrated support for Microsoft StaffHub, making it available to workers worldwide starting at $4.00 per user per month with a K1 subscription.

The other subscriptions cost more, ranging from $8 to $35 per employee. Microsoft offers StaffHub on 12 languages upon release, including English, Spanish, Chinese, French, German, Russian, Korean, and Turkish.

Source: Microsoft / StaffHub