Windows 10 update
Multiple desktops in Windows 10

US – After the official launch event of Windows 10 operating system on July 29th, 2015, Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) has recently come out with the third consecutive update for Windows 10 users. It is a new mechanism that has been adopted by Microsoft to roll out the updates in the market, which is called as cumulative Windows 10 update. Here is brief information on cumulative update.

Cumulative Windows 10 update

In case you have missed the earlier updates from Microsoft regarding Windows 10 OS, then this particular Windows 10 update will help you run all the new updates on the latest OS. But suppose if you have already updated your software in the past, then this new cumulative Windows 10 update will only attach new and updated patch files that are needed to be installed on your device.

Here is what Mary Jo Foley has posted on ZDNet website-

“But a Microsoft spokesperson did let me know that the new update is designed to fix the Windows 10 Store issues which had been affecting a number of us Windows 10 users for the past week. A number of us were unable to access the Store, obtain app updates and/or download new apps. In some cases, Windows Store apps like Mail and Calendar were also not working.”

Further continuing she said-

“‘KB 3081438 is now available, resolving the Store issues,’ said the spokesperson in response to my question about what Microsoft was doing to fix the Store issues. Company officials declined to say anything beyond that about what specifically caused the Store problems. I was told ‘Microsoft has nothing further to share.’”

Microsoft has officially announced the update saying-

“This update includes improvements to enhance the functionality of Windows 10. Windows 10 updates are cumulative. Therefore, this package contains all previously released fixes. If you have previous updates installed, only the new fixes that are contained in this package will be downloaded and installed to your computer.”

Please don’t forget to restart your computer after installing the update.