Sway app

US – Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) has announced that it is launching Sway app for Windows 10. Sway is like an office app which allows users to combine text and media to create a presentable media. We can call Sway a digital storytelling app. Sway app helps to create professional designs, school projects in minutes. Have your ideas and content and Sway app will create a polished, and cohesive story.

With the help of your images, videos and text, Sway app creates a story. Sway creates your content in an amazing manner; no matter on which device it is viewed like phones, PCs, Laptops or Tablets. This app is very helpful for those users who are frequently using PowerPoint. If you you find PowerPoint difficult to use, you will find Sway app easier as compared to PPT. Sway app is the solution for users which allows them to import photos, videos from the gallery. It can also import content from Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and many more.

“Our intention is to go native where we can,” explains Microsoft’s head of Office marketing Michael Atalla. “We totally want native experiences.”

Features of Sway App

One of the best features of Sway app is, it can be offline as well. Only for importing web-based  YouTube videos and interactive maps users will require an internet connection. All other elements will be done while you are offline. Users can share their Sways on docs.com, which is a portal for displaying documents on the web. Sway app is available to Windows 10 users from Windows Store. It works for web and iOS devices; but not available for Android and Windows Phone users. They have to wait long for using it. Sway app is available for PCs and laptops which have Windows 10 OS. Analysts say that the app might give a tough competition to the PowerPoint. Sway allows vertical scrolling and horizontal layouts as you swipe. The company says this app is an attractive option for students, teachers and especially for businesses who don’t want to get into the hassle of PowerPoint.