According to an updated page on Microsoft’s website, which was uncovered today, the company is putting Outlook Premium on trial for $3.99 per month.

Earlier this year, news leaked of a new, paid version of Microsoft’s email service, called “Outlook Premium,” which would allow users to set up custom domain accounts to serve as more professional email addresses (rather than, or

However, at that time, the company had only confirmed of the existence of such a plan, it had not revealed the other details like pricing or the full features that are going to be there in this launch.

According to Outlook Premium’s landing page, users who choose to sign up for Outlook Premium will get five personalized email addresses, an ad-free inbox, and more, for $3.99 per month. However, for the first month of use, the usage will be free and the subscriptions will kick in the first year.

Obviously, as this is just the pilot program, the whole pricing can still be in flux. Still, there is no official launch date of this feature and the interested people will have to request for an invite, as opposed to being able to sign up from the website.

This move does make sense as Microsoft has begun to offer custom domains, back in 2014, and had later rolled the support back, with only the registered users being able to continue using the domains.

Premium works as both a standalone product and an add-on to Office 365 Home. This also means that Premium could work for both businesses and families who either want or need multiple email addresses that can be managed from the Premium Domain Dashboard.

The company, when reached for commenting on the services said, “ Premium is currently a small pilot program. We’re always investigating new features based on the wants and needs of our customers, and we have nothing more to share at this time.