Project Scorpio
Image: YouTube.

The E3 2017 is two weeks from now, and fans are already anxious to hear the latest news from video game developers and console makers. Out of the big three, Microsoft’s conference is the most expected, with Project Scorpio as the headliner.

Almost everything there is to know about Project Scorpio has already been revealed, most notably its specifications and theoretical performance. Still, there are details like the price and release date of the console that have yet to be unveiled, as well as its definitive name.

Microsoft is also set to showcase what interests fans the most: Gameplay. Proprietary and third-party games are all expected to run in 4K resolutions on Project Scorpio, so gamers logically want to see some more of that. Here is all we expect from the tech giant at E3.

Project Scorpio’s price and release date will be revealed at E3

First, the audience at E3 will have the honor to be the firsts to know the official price and release date of Microsoft’s Project Scorpio. Executives have already given a preliminary timeframe for this year’s holiday season, but the company will most likely get into the details.

Experts suggest the console will go on sale between October and November, pointing out the last week of November as a potential deadline. This speculation responds to Scorpio’s game certification system not coming up until early October.

Furthermore, Project Scorpio is expected to cost $399 tops, with a sliver of hope that Microsoft makes things even more interesting with a $349 price tag on the 4K gaming machine. This seems a bit far-fetched, but low prices would make the console accessible to more people considering they need to have a 4K TV so that it makes sense.

Microsoft will want to make a statement with Scorpio’s game list

Of course, neither analysts nor fans expect the console keeps the Project Scorpio moniker, so it is safe to say we will hear the true name of this next Xbox at E3. The exterior design and the components also have the Xbox logo, so it is a thing of word pairs at this point.

Microsoft not only makes consoles, though, it also makes games, and the Microsoft Studios division is expected to swoop in to showcase some of its upcoming titles running on Scorpio, including Crackdown 3, Minecraft, State of Decay 2, and Sea of Thieves.

Most of these titles feature heavy online multiplayer action and many fans want to see how the console deals with latency and lag under these situations. Forza Motorsport 7 is almost certain to make an appearance. However, developers promised backward compatibility, which means Scorpio will have a huge game catalog from day one.

Virtual reality will be addressed, but not as a selling point of Project Scorpio. With the upcoming slew of affordable headsets coming for PC platforms, the announcements related to VR on Xbox will probably stay in the “coming soon” realm.

Microsoft will hold its E3 press conference on Sunday, June 11 at 2 p.m. PT. Fans and viewers can watch the live stream on YouTube or via the recently relaunched Mixer platform on PC and Xbox.

Source: Windows Central