Nintendo is launching Super Mario Maker for its Nintendo 3DS handheld on December 2, 2016. The game promises fans will be able to customize side-scrolling 2D Mario courses anytime during gameplay.

There is a catalog of 100 courses ranging from challenges, races, stages straight from the Super Mario Maker game for Wii U. Plus; players will be able to design their course from scratch and share them with other players via local wireless or the StreetPass multiplayer feature.

Fans should not worry about the difficulties of creating a custom course. Mary O and Yamamura characters offer step by step tutorials, recommendations and guide any time the user enters the editor mode.

Mary O and Yamamura also have their courses to challenge the player and six pages of a comic following the adventures of the pigeon Yamamura and its master plans to create a crash course for Super Mario.

Infinite possibilities for gamers playing Super Mario Maker

Super Mario Maker enables thousands of combinations to enjoy the classic side-scroller, from cannons that shoot coins to overgrown enemies and maps.

The user calls the shot: with a simple touch screen and interactive tutorials they can design new stages rather easy.

The StreetPass allows players to share the courses with other and complete challenges and steps together. An original group of friends boasts and endless possibility of Super Mario Magic.

Also, and for the first time, users can collaborate with other players to make custom courses via local wireless or StreetPass.

Challenges, medals, and costumes

Players can create classes any time or access pre-built courses from the Wii U version of the title. Then, the game will automatically add unique challenges for each stage, setting the player with infinite missions like completing a level without pressing the jump button.

Players can find different costumes for Mario in event courses in the Course World menu. Additionally, to celebrate the release of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD for Wii U, Nintendo added a Link costume to Super Mario Maker’s costumes.

Nintendo will add more costumes over time, both for the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS version.

Super Mario Maker release date and availability

Super Mario Maker releases on December 2 for the United States and Canada. U.S. customers can get the game ToysRUs, BestBuy, Amazon, GameStop, and Target.

Canadian customers can buy the game for CA$49 from BestBuy,, and EBGames.

Source: Super Mario Maker