Sony did boost other components of its A6300 high-speed camera with more memory and a secondary processor that increases the system’s speed for a faster image review. Image Source: Gizmodo

Sony unveiled the A6300 camera, a much-needed upgrade of the A6300 gear they released in March. The new camera keeps the 4D focus performance with the company’s Fast Hybrid AF system and adds an in-built image stabilization system that most other mirrorless cameras have.

It is an overdue feature that gave the company a fat demerit, despite its excellent 4K video quality of the A6300. They have corrected their mistakes and included a now essential touchscreen for fast and easy autofocus.

A6500 also packs a new processor, which Sony assures provides a more responsive shooting and playback experience. It also has a larger memory buffer that increases the number of shots during continuous shooting. The camera arrives in U.S. stores in November for $1400 and will hit European shelves in December for €1,700.

On the downside, battery life got worse

The battery life dropped to a rated 310 shots through viewfinder shooting and 350 with the LCD. The A6300 could handle 350 and 400, respectively.

The autofocus system didn’t change, nor has the sensor, image processor and many of the specifications: it has 11 frames per second bursts with autofocus and autoexposure, same sensitive ranges, and 4K video capabilities. The body stays the same except for a third programmable function button.

Sony did boost other components with more memory and a secondary processor that increases the system’s speed for a faster image review. The memory can save up to 223 best-quality JPEGs or 107 raw images.

Regarding stabilization, the A6500 incorporates five-axis sensor shift with touchscreen capabilities limited solely to autofocus.

The RX100 V camera brings the world’s fastest autofocus for a compact camera

 Sony updated their popular compact camera line. It has a 20MP sensor and f/1.8-2.9 lens, same as its predecessor. The new processing power of the RX100 V means the camera can achieve focus in just 0.05 seconds, a new benchmark standard for a compact camera.

The autofocus improvements also come with the ability to shoot up to 24 frames per second at full resolution. The native ISO is 125-12,800, similar to the previous version of the camera. The camera captures UHD 4K at a 5025 x 2828 pixel area, meaning the image is oversampled by 1.7x.

The camcorder can choose to record among 960fps, 480fps, and 240 fps frame rates; and 60p, 30p and 24p playback formats to optimize the recording and fit the speed of the moving subject. The camera will ship late October for $1000 in the US. And CA$1,250 on Canada.

Source: CNET